“There is going to be music, and strong coffee, and lots of fighting” We go behind the scenes of Motorcycle Samurai #1 with creator Chris Sheridan

motorcyclesamurai coverWhen we spoke to him back in July, Motorcycle Samurai creator Chris Sheridan described the prologue of his new book as a western with Elvis and Bruce Lee as the hero and anti-hero. Well, this week at the New York Comic Convention, the first full issue of this intriguing mash-up is released by Top Shelf Comix and is also a prominent part of ComiXology’s new Guided View Native roll out. Keen to find out more about what was in store for this first full issue, we caught up with Chris and he’s given us an exclusive look inside this awesome title.For those new to the book, where does the story pick up after Motorcycle Samurai issue #0? “We left off with a trail of dust and a motorcycle streaking into the sunset.  We come back in on the Badlands, and start to push the edges of the frame out a bit and see what else is happening around this strange land. We drift through an encounter between a chain gang and those that keep them in chains. There is an escape, the tight exchange of words, and as always happens in the Badlands, a quick and nasty resolution to the conflict.”

You’ve been included in the fantastic collection of new Guided View Native titles released this week by ComiXology, that must be a real achievement for you and a great way for people to get into the world of Motorcyle Samurai? “This is really a great time for new readers to check it out, as we get introduced to the world in a new way. We meet some new characters, and some old ones, and in the end pick up on the tale heading to a bustling town, filed with roughnecks, dandies, and bare knuckle brawling.”

So can you tell us more about your partnership with ComiXology and what it’s like working with Guided View? “Its very freeing. And its part of what is so great about the partnership with ComiXology, as the creator can present the story however they want. So while this opening chapter [in issue 1] is, structurally, an Overture, it sets the stage for what is to come. Later episodes will run a little longer, and the beauty is, we have that freedom! Its really a great place to be creating and a wonderful way to explore the world.”

So what can we look forward to from Motorcycle Samurai in the coming months and how many issues will there be coming our way? “The structure of this story is set to run five or six episodes. And I say episodes because we’re thinking about them different then issues at Top Shelf. Chris Ross, head of Digital Publishing, really was into the idea of the series, and taking the hero epic form in how the story unfolds. As this story was originally envisioned to be a full graphic novel, with story beats built in as chapters, the digital form allows us to parse the story out based on the narrative and not page counts.”

Can you tell us anything more about the first arc? “I don’t want to say too much… but, it involves the siege of a town, White Bolt’s search, Happy’s past, a Sheriff with a square jaw and pointy hair named All-Star. There is going to be music, and strong coffee, and lots of fighting.”

Motorcycle Samurai #1 is available via ComiXology for the bargain price of £0.69/$0.99