Kickstarter We Love: Return to the Asylum

After the success of the first volume of this steampunk anthology, Accent UK are back with a new collection of stories inspired by the attendees of the Uk’s Asylum Steam Punk event. While this may sound like a book that only appeals to those in the steam punk community, this is worth checking out thanks to some fantastic stories from small press stars, Gustavo Vargas (Trujilo, L1MA), Dean Beattie (Random Trials) and Ian Ashcroft (Kia Wordsmith) alongside Accent regular Gary Crutchley (WesternNoir). Vargas’ story is a Mad Max style all action adventure which perfectly suits his high energy style. While Ashcroft creates a story for the Lovecraftian Dr Squid adventure and Beattie creates a really fun story for the previous campaign’s Senior Principal Engineer of Steam backers.

So whether you love your steampunk or just are looking for an eclectic slice of small press stories then be sure to check this one out.

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