Kickstarter We Love: Bubbles O Seven & Brethren Born

It’s another crazy month for Kickstarters with and this week sees two previous favourites back for another crack at the crowd-funding nut. We take a look at why you should be pledging your support to the third instalments of monkey based super spy Bubbles O’Seven and edgy sci-fi thriller Brethren Born

First up is Matt Rooke and Grainne McEntee’s hilarious simian spy spoof series Bubbles O’Seven who is back for a new adventures in The Ape Who Punched Me. Following in the footsteps of the pun-tastic previous volumes Dr O and Baboon Taker, our gentleman spy is back and is still trying to find out how and why the government were creating super intelligent animals to try and spy on people. This time he attempts to do it by parachuting into Belfast and taking on Gareth the Gorilla. Featuring a new artist in the shape of Mike Hartigan and another outstandingly good pledge video, then what more do you need to get involved. Watch the pledge video below and click here to pledge your support!

Also launching this week is the latest instalment of Jon Laight’s excellent sci-fi thriller Brethren Born which is set to further develop the world of the super powered Newton as we discover more about his mysterious past in a government lab. It’s also set to feature some awesome action with Newton finally unleashing his powers – that have thus far only manifested themselves in some glowing eyeballs! With a video, almost as cool as Bubbles’, Brethren Born: Deceptions also features also pin ups from some of our favourite indie artists, including Reckless Hero’s Chris Imber and Chris Jenkins, and Vanguard’s Dan Butcher. So if you wan’t to get involved, then you can pledge for it here or watch the video below.