Kickstarter of the Week: Metal Made Flesh

kickstarter_of_the_weekWe’ve always enjoyed indie hit, Metal Made Flesh, and it was with great interest that we’ve been following the progress of the new Kickstarter for their new venture and third book in the series, Metal Made Flesh: Vengeance.

e14b516601ab9094ee567c7b208fd30a_originalA cyberpunk story… where humans are the lowest of the low. It’s a dark universe of cyborgs, mercenaries, mutants and Mafioso.’
Jeremy Biggs and Simeon Aston

From the Kickstarter page:

The series centres on three main characters, the cold, merciless cyborg, Izobel Vice, who loses more of her humanity with each passing upgrade; the psychopathic assassin Phaeon Nex, and Kalibos, a hideous mutant war machine.

Already, at the time of writing, over the £8,000 mark, with a goal of £9,000 and with over 20 days to go, we’d wager they’re going to hit their target. And, there are some tempting packages available depending on what your wallet can handle. For example, at the lower end you can still pledge £8 for a digital copy of the book, or for a few dollars more, you could be the proud owner of both a digital download and a trade paperback too. Meanwhile, at the higher end of the pledge-o-meter, you could become the owner of your own customised Izobel Vice collectable figure along with digital copies of all three previous tomes and a few extras too. That will cost you £500 but I hear some customs made figures alone can go for a bit. Looking at examples of said figures on their Kickstarter page, it looks like they’ve got themselves a pretty darn good sculptor.

And, with stretch goals promising even more bang for your buck (additional art, additional stories) there’s a chance you’ll receive more than you bargained for.

Anyway, go take a look for yourselves and see what you think.