Kickstarter of the week: Griff Gristle

kickstarter_of_the_weekIf last week’s Kickstarter of the Week, Ness should be oozing stagnant water, then this week’s offering should reek of sea salt and be covered in barnacles. Madius Comics’ latest offering, and their first Kickstarter, is a nautical action adventure with spectacular supernatural undertones and stars a salty old seadog called Griff Gristle. With superb Mignola inspired artwork from Rory Donald, and a fantastic script from Madius’ main men Rob Jones and Mike Sambrook, this looks set to be their most complete book yet and an essential read for any fans of the producers of Papercuts and Inkstains. You can watch their video below and pledge here.

(Check back very soon as we will have an in-depth interview with them as well as a full review to help give you even more motivation to support this gnarly old sea dog of a series!)

UPDATE: A massive congratulation to the Madius boys for funding their book in less than 24 hours – proof that a concerted social media campaign can really pay off!!