Kickstarter of the Week: Galaxy Girl

Galaxy GirlThis week’s Kickstarter of the week is Anime-inspired intergalactic adventure Galaxy Girl (In Outer Spaaaaaaaace – which must be said in an exaggerated voice!). This hyper-coloured all-ages adventure anthology is the brainchild of Andrew Taylor who is looking to fund a limited print run and more fantastic adventures from his intergalactic crew of misfits.

“Let’s be honest. Galaxy Girl is basically my love letter to FLCL and Rick and Morty.” Creator Andrew Taylor tells us  “Sure, I came up with my own characters and collaborated with artists rather than writing a fan-fiction, but the basis for the character dynamic comes from these two shows that I love.”

So what’s it all about? “Galaxy Girl is an unpredictable narcissist from outer space who is completely abusing and taking advantage of her young and enamored captive, Norman. Together they go on fantastic adventures in the colorful far-reaches of outer space. In the four short stories featured in Issue 1, Galaxy Girl, Norman, and Steve the Robot refuel on a deserted asteroid, play laser tag on a vibrant jungle world, and are pursued by the evil Cephaloids and the Department of Homeland Security alike. In the end, Galaxy Girl intends to dissect Norman for ALIEN SCIENCE, a fact she is perfectly upfront about, but let us not focus on the destination, dear readers, for the fun is in the journey!”

We love the pulp stylings and super bright colours on show for this project and with the series being an anthology of short stories it means there are a fantastic collection of artists drawing Galaxy Girl which should make for a really fun and enjoyable book. (Especially Sid Quade’s offering which has a really interesting Jetsons meets Albert Montey’s Universe look to it!)

You can see their promo video here…

You can back the Galaxy Girl Kickstarter here