Kickstarter of the week: Doc Dino

Doc DinoThis week’s pick of Kickstarter sees Tom Ward (Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman) and Chris Welsh (Wart) back for another shot of getting funding for their tale of a dinosaur surgeon! “It’s a tale of emotion, treachery, backstabbing, lost love and even a little bit of kung fu” and what more can you ask for than that?!

“Doc Dino, the character, is an aristocratic teacup Tyrannosaurus Rex who might just be the greatest surgeon on the planet.” Tom explains. “On paper.” Chris interjects “In practice, not so much… y’know, because of those damn arms of his… He’s performed a thousand surgeries and caused at least that many fatalities, and Head Doctor Hoved has finally had enough. Doc Dino loses his job, the only thing he was ever (theoretically) good at, and is replaced by a robotic surgeon created by a man who just so happens to be the Doc’s long-lost arch nemesis…”

Tom manages to wrestle back control of the pitch to explain…  There’s a mad doctor who does questionable things with homeless people, a robotic dinosaur who goes on a murderous rampage after being infected by a mysterious disease, and a forgotten friendship that might, maybe, possibly, hopefully, be repaired.”

So who’s bright idea was this we ask Chris? “It’s our homage to films and TV we love, from 80s classics, through Jurassic Park, to newer adult cartoon shows like Archer, Rick & Morty, etc. It’s also a brightly coloured, ridiculous antidote to our established series’ – the rain-sodden victorian streets of Merrick, and the cosmic horror flavours of Wart.”

Doc Dino is one of those awesome ideas that you come up with after a few shandies, but it takes a certain kind of creator to persevere with that idea once clear heads and common sense prevails. Fortunately Ward and Welsh don’t have that common sense and so Doc Dino is now one step closer to becoming a reality and we have to salute that! After a failed Kickstarter attempt at Christmas, Doc Dino is going great guns and is already nearly funded, however if you want to see them unlock those stretch goals then we suggest you get involved and back them today!

You can see their promo video below…

You can back Doc Dino on Kickstarter here