Kickstarter: Help support the Last Breath comic by Sam Eggleston, Jason Baroody and John hunt

Last Breath is a Kickstarter funded comic featuring the story of a man trapped 238,900 miles from home with oxygen running short while his planet–and possibly his family–is being torn to shreds before his very eyes. The Kickstarter launched this week with the goal of $5,000 to fund its completion and printing and you can visit the page here.

Writer Sam Eggleston tells us that Last Breath is a tale of determination in the face of staggering odds and the bond that unites those with a common and desperate goal. Jason Gustafson is an astronaut who finds himself trapped on the surface of the moon after an attack from an enemy leaves his crew dead and his way home absolutely obliterated. With each gasp of breath potentially being his last, Gustafson must push forward to create alliances even as the world is falling victim to its first nuclear war.

Will he survive long enough to see his home and his family again? Will there even be a home to go to?

The creative team for Last Breath includes Jason Baroody (AIT/PlanetLar, Image, 5Finity/Moonstone, Sixgun Comics) on pencils, Josh Oakes with inks and John Hunt (Marvel Super Heroes Magazine, Combat Jacks, Nurato, Seekers) with letters.

To help support the Last Breath you can visit their Kickstarter page here