ComiXology updates iOS and Android app with new Smart Lists and enhanced library options

ComiXology Comics iconComics users, it’s time for a ComiXology update as the digital comics giant have unveiled an exciting new iteration of their market-defining Android and iOS app. Boasting a new Smart Lists feature and a variety of browsing options, can this new version of Comics remedy some of the negative steps they made with their previous update?


New ‘robust’ browsing options like this coverflow inspired gallery let you pick and choose your comics at a glance.

Here is a list of new features found in the latest 3.7 Fire, Android and iOS app update:

  • Our new Smart Lists view allows for a quick and easy way to track what you’re reading with the In Progress and Unread lists, the ability to see what you’ve bought with the Recently Purchased list, and even a way to easily maintain your Wish List.
  • New Recommended for You list gives you personalized recommendations based on books you’ve purchased in the past.
  • Long press on any title in the Recommended for You section to Add to Wish List. Android app users can also long press to Add to Cart.
  • Use the new All/On Device filter to toggle between seeing all books you own and just the books you’ve downloaded to your device.
  • Long press on any of your books in Smart Lists and My Books grid view to mark as read, unread, archive or remove from device.
  • New robust sorting options and filters in My Books allow you to view your library sorted by Series, Purchase Date, and Title.
  • Toggle between three views in My Books: grid view, list view and the all-new cover view which lets you browse your library one full-screen cover at a time.
  • Cover view lets you see your entire collection cover by cover when browsing your library
  • Enlarged covers allow you to enjoy the artwork even more.

‘Long pressing’ in iOS and Android brings up a contextual menu with option to help you better manage your comic library.

“When I ask comiXology fans what features they want, better ways to manage their books is at the top of the list,” says comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger. “Our customers buy tons of books and have trouble keeping track of what they have and haven’t read, or even what they just purchased, particularly across devices. Smart Lists bring the most relevant books front and center. I’m betting this becomes the home page for most of our customers.”

Pipedream Comics editor Alex Thomas had this to say “ComiXology have gone a long way to improve the reading experience of the Comics app with this latest iteration, and Smart Lists look like a genuine useful feature. However but it still doesn’t solve the fact that you have to purchase comics via the ComiXology website. Until ComiXology can fix this, then the Comics app will never be as potent as it should be, even with these new features!”

Smart Lists and enhanced library options are available by downloading the latest 3.7 update of the Fire tablet, Android and iOS comiXology apps and these new features will be making their way to the web this summer.