Can’t read ComiXology Comics offline? We can help!

ComiXology Comics iconOne of the great things about ComiXology’s Comics app is that you can load up your iPad with great digital comics and read them at your leisure and in places where you don’t need a network connection. However we’ve been finding recently that this isn’t always possible with the Comics app signing us out just when we needed it most. But if you’re finding you can’t read ComiXology Comics offline too, then don’t worry, there is a solution!


The easiest way to fix this problem is to simply upgrade your app as the team at ComiXology assure us they have now fixed this bug in the latest release.

So go to the App Store and tap update to get this fixed in the time it takes to download a new version.

The way to fix this before the update we discovered courtesy of the folk over at Bleeding Cool.

The issue is cause by a feature called ‘Background App refresh’ and is designed to keep your apps constantly and refreshed while you are using something else, or when your iPad is dormant and not doing anything. Unfortunaetly in the case of Comics, this is being too clever and actually logging you out of the app when it is left for anything long than a few minutes.

To fix this is simple, just launch Settings, navigate to General -> Background App Refresh -> comiXology and turn it OFF.

Hey presto, everything should go back to normal on your app and you will no longer find yourself without digital comics when stuck on that 2 hour long rail replacement bus service.