Best of 2014: Essential digital comics 2014 #11-20

Digital-Comic-of-the-YearThere were so many amazing digital comics on sale in 2014, from major publishers to up and coming indies and we really struggled to condense our favourites list down to just the Top 10 Digital Comics of 2014. So here are the honourable mentions, the ones who, despite their awesome-ness, didn’t quite make the shortlist for Digital Comic Of The Year – but are still just as deserving of a mention!

Giant Days #3#11 Giant Days/ Expecting to Fly (Scary Go Round)

John Allison’s adventures of student flatmates and emotionally troubled teens feature the kind of complex but beautifully realised characters that you can’t help but identify with. Utterly charming and endlessly funny, these are comic book perfection.
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#Captain Stone Is Missing #812 Captain Stone is Missing (Madefire)

A previous winner of Digital Comic of The Year, but edged out of the top 10 this year by young pretenders, Liam Sharp’s multi-media motion book masterpiece continues to set the standard for Madefire’s original series. If only it was released more frequently.
Read Captain Stone Is Missing #1 on Madefire’s DeviantART channel

The Bunker #1 Oni Press#13 The Bunker (Oni Press)

Joshua Fialkov and Joe Infurnari’s dystopian science fiction tale continues to excels as the secrets of the bunker begin to reveal how the characters actions will play out in the future. How would you deal with finding out your own future? Not like this we’re hoping!
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Deadpool The Gauntlet #1#14 Deadpool: The Gauntlet (Marvel Comics)

The Merc With The Mouth makes Marvel Infinite his own personal plaything with a supernatural quest to take on Dracula that sees him meet his future wife and team up with Blade. Powerplay’s Reilly Brown makes this a must read with some unique use of Guided View.
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D4VE 01 cover#15 D4VE (MonkeyBrain Comics)

We’ve all been stuck in dead end jobs, but how would you cope with a mid-life crisis if you used to be an ass kicking robot super soldier? Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramon’s adult tinged sci-fi spectacular is like the Terminator meets Office Space (but with added robot strippers!)
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Knuckleheads #5 cover#16 Knuckleheads (Monkeybrain Comics)

We finally learn the secret of the Crystal Fist as Trevor K Trevinski and his motley band of drunk English chicks and hipster pizza delivery guys go out of this world (Claremont style!), in this hilarious slacker superhero series from Brian Winkeler and Robert Wilson IV.
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Proud webcomic#17 Proud webcomic

James Mulholland’s utterly charming webcomic about a junior superhero trying to rescue his family from kidnapping was one of the most endearing and heart breaking tales we read all year. It’s cartoon strip visuals mask a deeply poignant emotional core.
Read it here and see for yourself

The Universe #1#18 Universe!

The second series from Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s ‘pay-what-you-want’ digital publisher Panel Syndicate is this delightfully quirky European science fiction adventure from Albert Monteys that literally covers the entire history of the universe!
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Here We Go#19 Here We Go (Jesse Young)

Jesse Young’s collection of short stories started life as an online portfolio, but were collected together into one of our favourite Kickstarter campaigns of 2014. A brilliant variety of stories from sci-fi to slice of life, with high quality artwork and design – one to watch in 2015.
Find out more about Jesse Young’s work here.

Tally Marks 01 cover#20 Tally Marks (MonkeyBrain Comics)

Natalie ‘Tally’ Nourigat ‘s sketchbook/travel diaries make for utterly wondrous and inspiring reading. A mix of travelogue and sketches of weird and wonderful people she sees on her travels, these completely charming books will make you want to travel around Europe with a sketch book!
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