Award-winning webcomic creator Sutu reveals Kickstarter for augmented reality comic Modern Polaxis

Maverick Aussie webcomic creator Sutu, the brains behind award winning webcomics Nawlz and NEOMAD, has launched a Kickstarter for his latest augmented reality series Modern Polaxis. The story features a paranoid time traveller whose world we see via his private journal that is packed full of hidden information that can only be revealed via the AR app.

Over at his Kickstarter page Sutu breaks down the world of Modern Polaxis like this…

“This is MODERN POLAXIS an Augmented Reality comic book. The story is about a paranoid time traveller known as Modern Polaxis. The book will be presented as Polaxis’s private journal. Polaxis writes about his day to day life, but all his secret information, his paranoid delusions and conspiracy theories, he hides away in the Augmented Reality layer.”

“Only those (like you) with the right tool (an iPhone or an iPad) can unlock Polaxis’s hidden journal and hear and see what is really going on….or it least what Polaxis believes is really going on. It is possible that he is completely mad. “

“All you’ll need to do is buy the comic book and download the ‘Polaxis’ app (for FREE) from the iTunes App Store. Then, you point your camera at the comic and the pages will come to life. “

If this sound like your kind of comic book then you can download the beta version of Polaxis here and try it out on the image below:

For more information on Kickstarter then click here to visit the Modern Polaxis page and offer your support. Or just watch the video below to get a feel of this exciting new project…