7String #4-5 (Big Punch Studios)

7STRING Volume 2Continuing the comics as music theme from the first arc, Nich Angell’s 7String returns for a new digital adventure on ComiXology with tracks 4 and 5. And just like a musician who has to follow a strong debut with that ‘difficult second album’ Nich looks to continue his epic fantasy series, but can they reach the heights of their predecessors or will they fall to the bottom of the charts?

7STRING Volume 2Publisher: Big Punch Studios
Writer: Nich Angell
Artist: Nich Angell
Price: £1.49 from ComiXology (TBC)

Our rating: [star rating=”4″]

7String tracks 4 and 5 continue the story of series hero Zach Briarpatch as he travels to various places within the world of Melodia seeking knowledge to improve his song in order to avenge his mother’s murder. Meanwhile, Liph attempts to escape his ruined home for safer havens, but encounters resistance. As for Nette and Efex, both continue their own journeys, searching for the quarry the hooded man has sent them after; Zach Briarpatch. 

Nich Angell once again brings his A game to these most recent instalments of his epic fantasy series, again imbuing them with a very Star Wars vibe, only this time the darker tone being more in keeping with Empire Strikes Back. However, unlike the prior issues, track 4 feels a lot slower in its pace as Angell takes the time to move characters into their necessary positions, as well as continue building his world. That said, the pace soon returns, especially during the frenetic action sequences both Liph and Zach find themselves in as the story unfolds.

For these two tracks though, the standout work is most certainly the art as Nich Angell’s now signature style returns and remains as superbly high quality as before. However, with these two issues, Angell also shows his growth as an artist as the colours look deeper and much more vibrant as shown during Liph’s fight scene. This improvement is further confirmed with the greater detail in many of his panels, such as the elevating monastery-like steps which Zach looks to traverse early on. These examples, along with the fanatically dark opening attack by villain Lars, are proof of Angell’s quality as well as place as one of small press’s top artist. 

While reading of the prior entries may be essential to fully enjoy these issues, it’s fantastic story and incredible art means 7String is a high quality comic which belongs as a staple of the ever increasing catalogue of tremendous small press comics.