2000ad hits the iPhone with Judge Dredd vs Zombies app

Everyone loves zombies, and the only thing better than the undead is when an unlikely hero takes on the hordes of the undead for our enjoyment. We’ve had Egg from this Life in the Walking Dead, cabbage chucking pot plants in Plants vs. Zombies and and even Marvel Superheroes, but this week there’s a new corpse splutterer is about to take on the task – Mega City One’s finest lawman Judge Dredd.

This is Dredd’s first outing on iOS and the folks over at 2000ad have set quite the first mission. The undead are swarming over Mega City One and only one man can save them. Starting in Sector House 188 and moving your way though  some familiar Mega City One locations, like the B. Arthur Crock Block, it’s up to you to blast your way through the hordes of brain eaters and collect the judge badges. Graphically it looks great with a simple top down action and lots and lots of gore. There’s even a slow motion mode which zooms in on particularly graphic hits to see them in all their blood stained glory. With auto aiming and plenty of spare ammo dotted around each level gameplay is really easy as it’s essentially up to you to keep firing until all the zombies are gone and not get eaten while you reload! Weapons  and armour can be purchased and upgraded as you collect more credits as you progress through the levels and you can upgrade from a basic law giver to shotguns, assault rifles and more and more powerful weapons to help you cope with the ever increasing durability of your undead enemies.

Progression is earned by blasting zombies rather than solving puzzles, so there is not much to get your teeth into intellectually and there is no real story beyond your need to blast away at zombies, which is definitely a shame for those hoping for a bit of Dredd style narrative. (A Judge Death cameo would surely have been a given?!) However it’s simplicity is also one of it’s key strengths. Although the game may lack storyline drive to continue playing when the initial interest has dwindled, it does have Angry Birds style a star based ratings for levels which means there is still a reason to pick up the game and go back to it for a quick blasts of your law giver – even if it is just appease your 3 star craving OCD!

Judge Dredd vs Zombies is available on the app store  here for just 69p and works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.