10 of the best Marvel Infinite Comics on ComiXology

Marvel Infinite comicsMarvel Comic’s ground-breaking Marvel Infinite digital comics series have produced some of our favourite digital comics of the last couple of years, but if you are new to the format then you might not know where to start so here is our breakdown of 10 of the Best Marvel Infinite Comics.

Our list features some of the biggest names in the Marvel Universe from the Avengers and X-Men to individual adventures from  Wolverine, Spider-man and Iron Man. Plus we’ve got some of the comics industries biggest names like Mark Waid, Brian Bendis, Dan Slott, Josh Fialkov and more. All of these great digital comics are available via ComiXology or the Marvel Comics App and Online Store.

1. Daredevil: Road Warrior

Daredevil Road Warrior #2 coverA perfect blend of smart story-telling and dynamic artwork, Mark Waid and Peter Krause’s Daredevil: Road Warrior is the current benchmark for Marvel Infinite comics. Having cut their teeth on their creator owned series Insufferable for Waid’s Thrillbent website, Waid and Krause are one of the most experienced creative teams in digital comics and they use all their tricks in this stunning series. Tying in to regular Daredevil continuity thanks to Waid’s involvement as writer for both , Road Warrior sees Matt Murdock head west to San Francisco after outing himself as Daredevil. Acting as a transition between the existing Daredevil series and a new relaunched version, Road Warrior is more than just a novelty as it bridges both series while managing to create a perfect balance of exciting action and substantial story-telling. It also makes the most of the Infinite format with superb action sequences that push the envelope of what you can do with Infinite Comics while never losing the tone of the character itself. Perfect for long time readers and newcomers alike.
Download Daredevil: Road Warrior from ComiXology here

2. Avengers vs. X-Men Infinite

Marvel Infinite 1 NovaThe original and still one of the best Infinite comics, Marvel’s first Avengers vs. X-Men Infinite #1 sees Nova zoom across the galaxy in all it’s Infinite glory, showcasing the exciting new medium and it’s dynamic story-telling potential for the first time. With a script by Mark Waid and artwork from Stuart Immonen (with a little layout help from digital comics guru Yves ‘Balak’ Bigerel), it nominally tied into that summer’s epic crossover event and created a precedent for using Infinite titles as one-shot preludes or tie-ins for major events. It also showcased several of the exciting features that we would come to associate with the Infinite genre such as a focus pulls (where the action on the page can come in and out of focus), panoramic pages and action layering on top of itself in a single scene to create a hybrid of comics and animation. None of which would be possible in print! There would be another 2 Infinite adventures as part of the AvsX tie-one but none capture that sense of action and originality like this one.
Download Avengers vs. X-Men #1 Infinite from ComiXology here

3. Amazing Spider-man: Who Am I?

Amazing Spider-man Who Am I? InfiniteIf anyone was going to make the world of Infinite Comics even more dynamic then it was going to be the webbed wonder. With Peter Parker back in the spider-suit Who Am I? recaptures the fun and humour of the Amazing Spider-man after the darker Superior Spider-man series of recent years. Under the guidance of Spider-man head writer Dan Slott, Josh Fialkov and artists Juan Bobillo, Geoffo and Mast create a superb amnesia themed adventure that sees Peter wake up in the middle of a bank robbery unaware of which side he is on. As he attempts to figure out what is going on Fialkov and co torment him with a series of twists and turns that mean as a reader you are never quite sure what is going on – just like Pete! With an unconventional art style and some of the most exciting uses of the Infinite format to date, this makes for one of the most intriguing and action packed Infinite books yet.
Download Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? from ComiXology here

4. Ultimate Spider-man Infinite

Ultimate Spider-man 1 coverA cutting edge digital comic, based on a hit cartoon series, based on a classic comic, Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite certainly helps to blur the line between comics and cartoons. This fantastic series, takes the zany antics of the hit Marvel animated series and gives it a slick digital comics makeover, mixing it up with some classic Spidey tales from the Golden Age. (The first 6 issues feature an Ultimate re-telling of the classic Spider Slayers from Amazing Spider-man #25!). Perfect for old and new fans alike, Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite is one of the most fun and enjoyable Infinite books available.

Download Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite from ComiXology here

5. Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted

Wolverine_Japan's_Most_WantedThe first full length Infinite series, Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted proved that Infinite Comics could be used as more than just one-shots and novelties with weekly instalments of a fully-fledged Weapon X adventure. From writers Jason Aaron and Jason Latour and with art from Paco Diaz and Yves Bigerel, Japan’s Most Wanted saw Logan head to the Orient and do battle with familiar foes like the Silver Samurai while attempting to clear his name after being accused of murder. Mixing action-packed adventures with slick story-telling Japan’s Most Wanted proved to comics fans that Infinite comics could sustain the action over multiple episodes and would open the door for more long form stories with major Marvel characters in the Infinite format.

Download Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted from ComiXology here

6. Deadpool: The Gauntlet

Deadpool The Gauntlet #1When it comes to breaking the rules of comic story-telling, few characters break down  walls more frequently the the Merc With The Mouth, which means he was perfect for the genre-defying world of Infinite comics. Deadpool’s first Infinite adventure sees regular writers Jerry Duggan and Brian Posehn team up with Powerplay artist Reilly Brown to create one of the quirkiest Infinite comics yet. Not afraid to throw the rule book out and add in surreal sequences (like a James Bond inspired credit scene in issue #1) Deadpool: The Gauntlet sees Wade Wilson hired as a bag man for Dracula to deliver a package that sees him cross paths with Blade and hook up with his future wife along the way. Packed full of action and tons of humour (as you would expect) this 13 issues series is the smartest and funniest Infinite book around.

Download Deadpool: The Gauntlet from ComiXology here

7. Guardians of the Galaxy: Drax The Destroyer

Marvel Infinite Drax the DestroyerOne of the great things about Infinite comics is seeing established teams of big name writers and artist cut loose in this new format and one of the true highlights of this was Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming getting their hands on Drax the Destroyer for this Guardians of the Galaxy one-shot. Part of a series of one shots that saw different creative teams tackle the various members of the GOTG, Drax was the stand out offering thanks to it being produced by the team behind the awesome creator-owned series Powers. Oeming is no stranger to dynamic and unconventional layouts in print, but in the world of digital he really cut loose with stunning long pages that saw the action stretched to breaking point and raising the bar for all those who had to follow.

Download Guardians of the Galaxy: Drax the Destroyer from ComiXology here

8. X-Men ’92 Infinite

X-Men '92 Infinite ComicPart of 2015’s Secret Wars uber-crossover, X-Men ’92 Infinite sees the mutants from the hit cartoon series brought back to life in Battleworld and where better to start the action than in a shopping mall playing laser tag. With the classic 90s line-up featuring Jubilee, Gambit, Rogue as well as Beast, Cyclops and Jean Grey, X-Men ’92 Infinite is not only one of the most enjoyable Infinite books on offer, giving an exciting and unique take on these classic characters, but it is also one of the best offering from the Secret Wars stables as it brings back a set of characters who haven’t been seen for years and gives them a fresh perspective. As long as you ignore the slightly iffy back story, then this is a fantastic trip back to the 90s heyday of the X-Men! (Just without the ridiculously catchy TV theme tune!)

Download X-Men ’92 Infinite #1 from ComiXology here

9. Captain America: Fear Him

Captain America: Fear Him #1Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon, takes on the mantle of Captain America as he becomes the all new ‘Flying Cap’. Introducing this new version of the Sentinel of Liberty for the first time, Captain America: Fear Him ties directly into the main continuity of Captain America thanks to writer Rick Remender and Dennis Hopeless making this much more than just another novelty spin-off. Introducing a new take on classic villain the Scarecrow, Remender and Hopeless give the new cap a dynamic and exciting digital debut with some well rounded characters and some scary story-telling to help make this series soar above the rest.

Download Captain America: Fear Him from ComiXology here

10. Silver Surfer Point One

Silver Surfer InfiniteNot all Marvel Infinite comics are created from scratch, in the case of the recent Silver Surfer Point One Infinite Comic it took an existing issue from the new Marvel Now relaunch and gave it an Infinite make over. The brilliantly quirky Mike Allred rendition of Silver Surfer was already a fantastic read but it was made even more dynamic with a new landscape layout, and panels and text that appeared in sequence before being greyed out to create the sense of dynamic motion we’re used to with traditional Infinite books. Fortunately it managed all this without losing the brilliance of the original comic, plus it was released for free as a way to entice you into buying the series itself (which is always a bonus!) and they did the same to the new series of Ms Marvel
Download the Silver Surfer Point One Infinite from ComiXology here