Indie Comics

David Whalen’s The Offspring # 1 and 2 tells the story of four special people as they work together to
Another discovery that came to use for our #DiscoverIndieComicsDay events, every Friday. Will Tempest’s Harsh Prospect is a thoughtful and
This new anthology from tPub comics, (publisher of Turncoat, Theatrics and Twisted Dark) is the latest collection from their ‘Twisted’
While we often see robots defeating their human overlords in some manner, rarely do we see that uprising actually take
One of the UK comic scene's most iconic conventions now has a new venue and a new date as Thought
Creating a superhero with original powers is no easy task, but in Sam Johnson’s Geek Girl: volume 1 we get
We've previously reviewed all four instalments of Ken Reynolds and Sam Bentley’s steampunk supernatural series, Cognition, and so we wouldn't
Ben Humeniuk’s Waking Life is the tale of a princess and her young buddy in the world of dreams and
We were lucky enough to discover Chris Spalton's outlandish tales about his dad's antic in Norfolk in their earliest form. But
With it’s second instalment currently on Kickstarter, we take a look at Rik Jackson’s initial outing of Heads, a sinister
This new book from SelfMadeHero is another fantastic example of how comics can be used to chronicle extraordinary lives. Following
This month's small press spotlight sees us take a look at: the new book from Horde Comics, Revenant Part One