Indie Comics

In 2008 I wrote an article for MacFormat magazine about artists who have started painting on the iPad and iPhone
While hunting around in my parents loft the other weekend I came across a box of old comics from my
When it comes to the best digital comics app on the iPad, there really is only one top dog -
There are few comics writers who carve as individual a niche as Alan Moore. From his ground-breaking books Watchmen and
When it came to designing the logo for this site, as a designer by trade I knew it had to
1. Marvel to release Ultimates, Spiderman and X-Men titles 'day and date'. In other words print and digital titles will
Having spoken to the brilliant guys at Ape Entertainment about the Pocket God comics, I really wanted to get an
When you do a search on iTunes for 'comics' you get the familiar array of apps from the big publishers
Todd McFarlane's Spiderman #1 is one of the featured titles on Marvel's iPad app this week which got me feeling
One of the real success stories of comics on the iPad is IDW Publishing. Not only do they have a
If you're new to the world of digital comics then you're probably asking yourself what's the best app for reading
While researching this article I tried to get in touch with all my favourite artists and writers in the faint