Failing Sky 1010 01The latest in our series of interviews with the nominees for the 2014 Best Digital/Web Comic Eisner Award sees us catch up with the truly unique Dax Tran-Caffee. The brains behind the truly innovative Failing Sky web comic that takes the traditional rules of linear story-telling and throws them out of the window in order to make up a whole new structure and approach to telling a story. With pages that scroll up, down, left, right and even leap to completely different chapters it’s a truly special series that is unlike anything else out there (plus it’s all hand drawn in paper and pencil!) so we were keen to catch up with Dax and discover the secrets to this avant-garde comics adventure.

Today we’re delighted to introduce a new contributor to Pipedream Comics, cartoonist Jimmy Holmes and his Carl and Dave webcomic. We’ll be seeing more from Carl, Dave and Jimmy on a regular basis but for now let’s embark on The Working Week #1

carl and dave #1

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