This week’s must-read digital comics include three slices of sci-fi from different points on the spectrum. On the dark side are the official Dredd movie sequel comic book Judge Dredd: Underbelly and Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurnari’s dystopian time-travel series The Bunker and on the shinier side is Uproar Comics new sci-fi graphic novel Leap!

Uproar Comics’ Leap is the new science fiction graphic novel from the Northern Irish comic company that brought you Zombies Hi’. Released on 31st January 2014, this is the company’s first step away from the Zombie genre.

The latest in our series of guest columns on ‘why I love digital comics’, comes from Uproar Comics Creative Director and head writer Danny McLaughlin (with a little help from fellow writer and marketing maestro Heather Taylor).

Digital Experience Comic (DEC)After months of waiting, the The D.E.C. or Digital Experience Comic, a new app from Uproar Comics, the team behind Northern Irish zombie anthology Zombies Hi, has finally hit the app store. Packed with over 30 pages of animated content and host of app-only extras this unique mix of digital comics and the undead is the brainchild of Derry based comic creators Danny McLaughlin and Kevin Logue. Keen to pick their brains like a zombie at meal time, we got in touch with Danny to find out more about this great project and to discover just what the Digital Experience Comic is really all about.  

Zombies-Hi-1Proof that digital comics is the great democratizer comes this week in the form of Northern Irish zombie anthology Zombies Hi, from Uproar Comics. This self published digital only title features a brilliant mix of zombie themed stories supplied by writers and artists from the Derry area alongside a main story written by Uproar co-founder Danny McLaughlin with artwork from fellow co-founders Kevin ‘Gio’ Logue and John Cambell. By basing their stories in and around the Derry area it  gives the book a fantastic localized feel, and so makes much more distinctive than dozens of other books which follow in the shuffling footsteps of the Walking Dead.