For the third track of his epic musical fantasy series 7String, creator Nich Angell has changed key mid-track and gone off in a new digital direction. Now available online as well as via webcomic portal Tapastic, we tune up the band and aim to strike a chord with the continuing adventures of sword wielding maestro Zach Briarpatch and co.

We’re unveiling a new feature this week, the Tapastic Webcomic Weekly, a guide to some of the world’s best webcomics available on Tapastic the brilliant iPad and iPhone webcomic app. This week’s batch of webcomics featured on Tapastic showcases Yufei’s The Outer Door and Kelly Angel’s Anything About Nothing, both available via the Tapastic app!

Tapastic, the online portal for webcomics who we introduced you to last year is bolstering its American webcomics market with the announcement that it has secured $2.0 million in funding from Daum Communications, Inc. What this means in real terms for comics fans is the launch of awesome new titles from Korea like “Like A Wolf.” which will be released for the first time in an English speaking market and we’ve got an exclusive first look. 

Webcomics and video games have natural crossover appeal. Gamers have enjoyed comic adaptations of everything from Halo to Angry Birds and comic book fans have loved playing games adaptations of their favorite comics from the Batman: Arkham series to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Until today, there has never been a webcomic based on a mobile game in the sports genre, but thanks to Com2uS and Tapastic that is about to change.

We’re huge fans of digital comics on the iPad here at Pipedream Comics (just read our list of the 10 best iPad comics apps here) and maintain that the hi-res retina screen of the Apple tablet is absolutely the best way to read you favourite titles. However with so many people having smartphones as well, we thought we would take a look at the best iPhone digital comics apps that you can try that really make the most of the smaller devices capabilities – but don’t include digital comics giant ComiXology‘s Comics app!

Chang King TapasticDescribing itself as the YouTube of web comics app, we featured the excellent Tapastic Comics in last week’s Pipedream Pull List, calling it “A slick and stylish portal for collecting webcomics into one place… the perfect way to read webcomics on an iPhone“. Keen to find out more about the story and people behind this great open publishing service for webcomic creators, we got in touch with its creators, Tapas Media and CEO and founder Chang Kim.