ComixologySubmitOur round-up of the week’s must-read indie digital comics in the Best of ComiXology Submit features: Quinton Miles slacker sci-fi book Xeno Trip #6; a new take on Victorian sideshow star Joseph Merrick in Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman; Welsh Zombie book The Stiffs #1 and the truly unique Sockford from Russell Ihrig. 

SockfordSockford is the cautionary tale of of a teenage boy who enjoys a few too many ‘solo activities’ only for his ‘soiled’ tube sock to be brought to life when lightning strikes his washing machine. Despite the slightly risque premise, Sockford is delightfully sweet story coming-of-age story about a teenage boy and his sock buddy that is released this week via ComiXology. Keen to find out more about this unique story we contacted writer/artist Russell Ihrig to learn more about socks, sexuality and ComiXology Submit