icoty2016Following in the footsteps of our Digital Comic Of The Year poll, we are introducing a new award this year – Indie Comic of the Year 2016. Celebrating the fantastic variety of indie and small press books which we have covered on the site in the past 12 months. We’ll give you a shortlist of the top 10 for voting on December 26th, but in the meantime we’ll countdown the 50 best indie comics of the year and remind you of what a great year it has been for indie and small press comics!

TheRedMaskFromMars_ISSUE3As one third of the Awesome Comics Podcast team, Vince Hunt has become a champion for small press creators everywhere. But with the release of the third issue of his own small press series The Red Mask From Mars he is back in the role of creator, complete with alien facemarks and evil spacesharks. So will this new issue be as awesome as his podcast or will it leave him with his own red mask of shame?

indie-round-upWith True Believers 2016 a week behind us, we  delve into a few of the indie comics which were on offer at Cheltenham racecourse and see what small press titles were worth our hard-earned cash!! They include: Vince Hunt’s Red Mask From Mars #2, Mike Garley’s The Kill Screen #4, Steve Sims’ Beast Hunting Battle Badgers and Sarah Millman’s Heart of Time.