For his follow up to the critically acclaimed How To Survive In The North, artist Luke Healy has teamed up with the excellent Avery Hill to produce a collection of three stories abot communication and miscommunication which bridge together to from one over arching graphic novel. We catch up with Luke to find out more about how these stories connect and how they reflect his own world view.

HowToSurviveInTheNorth_coverWhat have two unsuccessful arctic expeditions and an academic in the midst of a mid-life crisis got in common? Well they make up the three central threads of Luke Healy’s thought provoking new book, How To Survive In The North, from Nobrow Press. We caught up with Luke to find out how the world of historical explorers and fictional researchers blend together to create this unlikely of stories.

HowToSurviveInTheNorth_coverA multi-stranded tale that takes historical accounts of early 20th century arctic expeditions and interweaves them with a fictional account of an academic having a mid-life crisis may sound like a pretty weird mixture of stories for a comic, however Luke Healy’s How To Survive In The North from Nobrow Press is an utterly fascinating, meandering look at loneliness and survival in extraordinary circumstances, that expertly defies any initial concerns over it’s rather odd synopsis.