Little Robots II-2We’re big fans of iPad artist and Illustrator, Raheem Nelson. We interviewed him last year to discuss his first volume of iPad created cartoons and so were delighted to hear that his third iPad Art Book, “Little Robots Volume II: The State of Americana” is about to be released. This collection of satirical comic strips that analyze, critique and send up many aspects of American culture, ‘Robots’ touches on politics, hip hop, education, pop culture and many more timely and relevant topics and will be available through on April 27th.

We love stories of self publishing digital comics here at Pipedream Comics, and we also love seeing what brilliant artwork talented artists can produce on their iPads. What’s even better though is finding out about a comic that’s written, produced and published on an iPad – which brings us to Little Robots by Raheem Nelson. A weekly web series published online every Sunday it features the antics of a group of robots, led by main character Addo and features satirical digs at pop culture and the modern world. But what’s even better the artwork is all produced digitally on an iPad. You can see the latest adventures of Addo and co at Raheem’s site and check out more of his work here,  but in the meantime we got in touch with him to find just how he goes about creating his robotic adventures.