kickstarter_of_the_weekAs well as being one of our favourite names for a comic, Kate Ashwin’s glorious webcomic Widdershins has been one of our very favourite discoveries this year. Which means it is a no brainer that her new Kickstarter for volume 6 of her Victorian magic and mystery adventure would end up as our Kickstarter of the Week. In Find The Lady we get to enjoy adventures from two generations of the Barber clan, as Harriet needs to use the knowledge of her father Henry to help save the town from a suave stranger. It’s packed with Kate’s usual mix of charming humour and stunning artwork and looks set to continue the wonderful legacy she has created in previous volumes – if you want to know what all the fuss is about, then you can read our review of the first 5 volumes here.

WiddershinsThere’s no denying it, Widdershins is a great name for a comic! As well as being utterly unique, it is also a reflection of the kind of quirky charm that makes Kate Ashwin’s wonderful webcomic stand out from the crowd! ​Based in a small town in western Yorkshire that is the centre for magic for the UK, Widdershins mixes magic and mischief with sleuthing and the supernatural and has a roster of characters that are utterly charming. So prepare yourself to be won over by the world of Widdershins!