Nailbiter02_CoverJosh Williamson and Mike Henderson’s gruesome new creator-owned series Nailbiter from Image Comics had one of the most iconic and disturbing covers we have seen in years! This week they are set to launch the dark and twisted second issue onto an unsuspecting public and after the [literally] nail bitingly good first issue we knew that we had to to dig deeper into the world of Buckaroo, Oregon (the home of 16 serial killers) to find out more about this darkly twisted world they have created – not to mention finding out just where they came up with the idea for that horrifically good cover. WARNING: This article contains pages from the book which might not be suitable for all ages!

At the opposite end of the digital comics spectrum to the Madefire’s motion comics bombast are the delightful monochrome musings of MonkeyBrain’s Kinksi and Masks and Mobsters, both of which have new issues out this new via ComiXology. Although completely different in form and content, it serves as a fantastic reminder of the broad nature of what makes a digital comic.