This month’s small press spotlight sees us take a look at: the new book from Horde Comics, Revenant Part One (with it’s excellent Andy Bloor cover!); alongside the new book Blinker from Madius Comics’ newest addition Rosie Packwood; and a curious animal murder mystery in The Absent Wild.

With much of the country covered in snow and ice, like something out of Game Of Thrones, it was time for the UK comic scene to make it’s grand entrance with the annual True Believers Comic Festival 2019. With a new venue and a host of familiar names would we get a warm welcome or the cold shoulder?

Produced by our own Andy CT, Horde Comics is more than just another small press anthology, thanks to a mix of exceptional production qualities and some smart and enjoyable stories. With plenty of thought and consideration having gone into every element of the book, Andy and his long time pal Gregg Mason have produced the kind of polished book (and Kickstarter campaign) that you would expect from a seasoned veteran, not a pair of debutants.