icoty2016Following in the footsteps of our Digital Comic Of The Year poll, we are introducing a new award this year – Indie Comic of the Year 2016. Celebrating the fantastic variety of indie and small press books which we have covered on the site in the past 12 months. We’ll give you a shortlist of the top 10 for voting on December 26th, but in the meantime we’ll countdown the 50 best indie comics of the year and remind you of what a great year it has been for indie and small press comics!

21 PulpNew publishers on the block 21 Pulp, have produced two of our favourite books in recent months – superhero sit com Hero Hourly and twisty turny superhero tale Imposter. Keen to find out more about this fledgling operation we got in touch with writer James Patrick ti find out more about their plans for the future and see if they had any words of wisdom they could share with us.