To paraphrase the line that opens the comic itself, small towns can often hide big secrets. While, in many real life small communities, this is limited to infrequent scandal over doping at the local pumpkin growing contest or the occasional local vicar syphoning off bake sale funds to fund the construction of a monument to his dark lord Cthulhu. In White Ash by Charlie Stickney however, the titular small town is hiding something far bigger.

Walk Don't Run #1 coverIf you look at the titles on the Madefire app, alongside big names like Injustice: Gods Among Us or Hellboy in Hell and Madefire originals like Mono or Captain Stone Is Missing, is a title called ‘Walk Don’t Run’ that you might just have missed. It’s not got a big name publisher or a big name creator behind it, but it’s one of the most exciting motion books around. The brain child of Scottish writers Fin Cramb and Sean Watson, it’s set in a teenage high school where the students are literally fighting for survival at every moment. It’s like the Breakfast Club meets Battle Royale, but at no point is what is actually happened explained to you. Keen to get to the bottom of exactly what we were reading we caught up with Fin and Sean after the release of the second instalment of WDR to find out more about this undiscovered motion book marvel!