BioWars_Cover_01In the world of comics the most successful stories are often ones which go big and epic in terms of scale – from alien invasions to nuclear wars – however, bigger is not always better as Gabe Shaoolian and Mark Powers look set to prove in Biowars #1 as they go microscopic to tell an epic tale about a battle waged within the human body. So is this just the kind of book the doctor ordered, or will it leave readers struggling to digest?

Amazing X-Men #19One of our favourite comic book cliches is the super-powerful hero or villain who is so powerful they manage to destroy the very masthead of the comic they are starring in. We’ve seen it with everyone from the Hulk to the Thing, but this week’s Amazing X-Men #17 from Marvel Comics is another great example as the all-powerful Juggernaut wreaks havoc!

Rad #1 coverRAD (aka the Recon Attack Dolphin), is the latest character to be released into the Madefire universe. This über intelligent albino dolphin is the perfect undersea weapon with bionic fins, stealth propulsion, visual sonar and a tragic backstory! But will RAD #1 make a splash or will it sink without a trace?

Silver Surfer #9

In this age of gritty hyper-realistic post-modern superheroes, it’s easy to forget the pure and simple fun that reading comics should give a reader. Madman creator Mike Allred has breathed new life into the adventures of Norrin Rad by reverting it to it’s triply 60s psychedelic roots and that’s why we love this week’s Silver Surfer #9 cover.

Digital Comics CoalitionMark Waid is no stranger to the world of digital comics, thanks to his digital imprint Thrillbent and his work on Marvel’s Infinite comics he has become a de facto godfather of digital comics. Well he has taken that role one step further with the announcement of a new digital comics super team – The Digital Comics Coalition – and their debut webcast that is set to reveal some of the inner secrets of the world of digital comics!

Lumberjanes #1Writers Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson along with artist Brooke A. Allen bring together everything that the comic market is lacking into one excellent comic in the simply wonderful Lumberjanes. Supernatural shenanigans are afoot at the Lumberjanes summer camp and a group of five friends are brave enough to take on the challenge to find out just what that might be.

BioWars_Cover_01There is a war waging inside our bodies – or at least that’s what the creators of web comic Biowars would have us believe! Inside the body of NYC student Alex Hawking the BioWarriors are battling a genetically engineered virus that is set to destroy their world and Alex’s too. To find out more about the wild and crazy world of the Biowars we contacted artist Lucius Cross to find out more about the Biowars and to give us a health check.

True Love-coverLove is in the air for comics fans this Valentines Day as Sequential, the iPad app for digital graphic novels, have announced the release of an exclusive enhanced edition of Posy Simmonds’ True Love. Arriving on our screens in April True Love is regarded by many as the first ever British graphic novel and is a bonafide classic from the writer/artist best known for Gemma Bovery and Tamara Drewe.

sequntialHot on the heels of the partnership with Dark Horse Comics, Sequential – The Digital  Graphic Novel app publisher have released a raft of new titles including the latest volume of the Hernandez’ Brother’s extraordinary Love and Rockets and Lucy Knisley’s Displacement A Travelogue, as well as Mike Mignola’s classic Hellboy: Wake The Devil and more!

Nobrow app iconNobrow aren’t a name you might instantly associate with digital comics as this small scale UK-based  publisher specialise in boutique high quality *print* graphic novels and art comics. However this new Nobrow iPad app takes that high quality publishing model and brings it to a new digital audience translating some of their amazing titles into sumptuous looking digital comics. But can Nobrow maintain their tradition of high quality art comics in this disposable digital world?

scribdDubbed ‘Netflix for Comics’ by Wired, subscription reading service Scribd has changed the landscape of digital comics with two huge partnerships, bringing titles from Marvel Comics, IDW Publishing and Top Shelf Comics to it’s site. For less than $9 a month fans will have access to over 10,000 comics in a huge on demand library featuring some of their favourite titles from Spider-man and the Avengers to Star Trek, Transformers and more! But what does this mean for you the comics fan?

The Dying and the Dead #1Jonathan Hickman is one of comics’ hottest creators thanks to this work on Marvel’s Fantastic Four and Avengers, plus his creator-owned titles like Manhattan Projects and East is West. Now, with artist Ryan Bodenheim, Hickman brings us another mind-boggling news series, The Dying and the Dead #1, but will this be yet another fantastic story by comics foremost master-planner, or will it leave his fans disconnected?

Spawn #250Todd McFarlane’s Spawn has come a long way since its first issue 20 years ago helped launch the fledgling image comics. 250 issues later and Spawn #250 is closing in on Dave Sim’s record for longest run of an indie comic and to celebrate this milestone original Hellspawn Al Simmons is about to return the cape and chains.

Dark Horse and SequentialLiving up to their elusive moniker Dark Horse Comics, the publisher of Hellboy and Sin City, have previously only made their digital titles available from the Dark Horse Digital Comics app and online store. However today that has changed, with the announcement that Dark Horse digital comics and graphic novels will be included in the Sequential iPad app, with the first batch of titles including Hellboy and The Fifth Beatle now available.