This weekend’s Nottingham Comic Con is shaping up to be a triumphant end to the indie and small press calendar with an incredible roster of talent exhibiting on the day and some fantastic books making their debut. We round-up some of our favourites that will be available including: Late Knights: A Sense Of Steel, Stuff and Stuff, Unfamilliar Skies, Descending Outlands and the NCC Anthology – Outlaws Wanted.

DescendingOutlands 3After  bringing vibrancy to other creators’ indie comics, Shaun Dobie, colourist of the the Red Mask from Mars, has returned to his own book Descending Outlands in time for this weekend’s Melksham Comic Con which will see the debut of issue 3 of his interstellar caper. But can Dobie make another out of this world issue, or will it fall back down to Earth with a bump?

indie-round-upThis month’s round-up of the best digital indie comics features space-based sci-fi in Shaun Dobie’s Descending Outlands, Comicker Digital’s Lost Angels, a sublime slice of life in Jesse Young’s Perfect Day webcomic, amnesiac assassin adventure R:IL Persona and Aussie crime noir in Trista and Holt.

Descending Outlands #2With the second issue of his science fiction space opera Descending Outlands set to debut at this weekend’s Melksham Comic Convention 2015, we catch up with writer and colourist Shaun Dobie to discuss Star Wars, spaceships and filling the space sci-fi void.

Descending OutlandsBest known for his colouring work on British Indie titles such as Red Mask from Mars and Gutter Town, Shaun Dobie brings his own ideas to the table with Descending Outlands #1, a sci-fi book about intergalactic thieves who stumble into a galaxy spanning manhunt. But will this book leave readers starstruck or will it be a criminal read?