Giant Days #3John Allison’s Giant Days is the tale of 3 misfit female students and was originally conceived as a plan b in case his main book, Bad Machinery, didn’t work out. However now on it’s 3rd issue it has become a superb comic slice of life that will resonate with anyone who misses those heady days of youthful exuberance from their student days, as well as those are really glad they’ve put those socially awkward years behind them. We offer to buy John a pint from the student union bar before we head down to the indie disco.

ComixologySubmitThis week’s Best of ComiXology Submit features: John Allison’s trio of student misfits in Giant Days #3; a tale of romance and inanimate objects in Josh Trujillo’s Love Machines #2; surreal cyclical sci-fi in Scooter; and the most bizarre historical bio you’ll ever read in The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary #1.

ComixologySubmitThis week’s round-up of the best of ComiXology Submit features: super powered weather-based science fiction in Brainstorm #1; an eclectic british anthology in Doghouse #5; post-apocalyptic ice hockey hilarity in Hockeypocalypse #3; and spiritual robot super-spies in Sector Four: Season One.

ComixologySubmitThis week’s Best of ComiXology Submit features: dystopian science fiction in Dayglow #1; technicolour anarchy in Death Betty #0; pulp adventure perfection in Doc Unknown volumes 1 and 2; and an enigmatic rag doll carrying hit man in Trenchcoat Samurai #2.

ComixologySubmitThis week’s Best of ComiXology Submit features: existential student art projects in How I Made The World; the surreal and nightmarish Illustrated Girl #1; Sam Eggelston’s taut space thriller Last Breath: Survival Against All Odds; and pulpy monster fighting action in Kevin Gentilcore’s The Haunter #1.

ComiXology, the world’s leading digital comics platform, celebrates their 5-year anniversary this week by offering 100 books from their comiXology Submit self-publishing program for just US$10 (for UK readers that’s £6.99 and for our European readers that’s €8.99) —all of which adds up a savings of 94% off the cover price.

Garcia-MethodWelcome to our newest column, The Garcia Method: Or How To Write A Digital Comic. You’ve all heard of the Marvel Method for writing print comics, but what about the brave new world of digital comics?  Let us introduce to Ryan Garcia, an aspiring digital comic book author who is on a journey to share his experience with the world. And he’s going to start by sharing it with our readers.

ComixologySubmitThis week’s best of ComiXology Submit features: Andrew R MacLean’s big-bearded, witch-carrying sword-for-hire series Head Lopper #1; Wrestlers and superheros in Palooka #1; Stephan Franck’s monochrome vampire heist series Silver Volume 1; And undead soldiers from World War I in Zombie International #1.

ComixologySubmitThis week’s best of ComiXology Submit features twisted circus performers in Clown by James Maddox, self-defence and feminism lessons in Go For The Eyes by Monica Gallagher, rose-tinted ennui in House Party by Rachael Smith and a mysterious world underneath a house in The Undergrounds #1.

ComixologySubmitThis week’s best of ComiXology Submit features: the second volume of King Bone Press’ awesome music themed collection Bandthology; Kara Barrett’s magical crime noir The Bargain volume 1; Gordon Rennie and PJ Holden’s mysterious Dept. of Monsterology#1 and #2; and charming kids book Sunrise #2 about a cute monster in a cape.