Chum 01 coverThe chilled out world of surfing may not seem like the obvious setting for a gritty crime noir, but for Aussie writer Ryan K Lindsay and artist Sami Kivella they’re a perfect fit and so they have created a new sub genre – surfnoir – for new series Chum! We catch up with writer Ryan before he starts waxes his board for the next set to find out the mysterious secrets of surfnoir!

Exit Generation #1Overpopulation has often been a subject of interest and debate within society, therefore it makes sense for the topic to influence for new ideas in fiction. Exit Generation by Sam Read and Caio Oliveira is a story is about what happens when all but a few humans leave the planet and how those remaining few survive when a new crisis arises. Is this a title which will appeal to the masses or will it end up as a comic left behind in popularity?