After coming a valiant 2nd in our 2016 Indie Comic of the Year chart, the team at Dead Canary Comics have kept a relatively low profile in 2017, but it turns out that’s because they’ve been working on a new sci-fi themed anthology called Adventures in Science. As they set themselves to blast off into this new futuristic world we catch up with Matt Fitch and Chris ‘C.S.’ Baker to find out more about this collection of ‘dreamy’ and ‘twisted’ stories.

Limbo1Amnesiac detectives, music-chanelling mediums and seductive nightclub singers make up the citizens  of Dedande City the neon-soaked setting for Dan Watters and Casper Wijingaard’s supernatural sleuth series Limbo. Keen to do our own private investigations into this 80s infused pulp noir we have a meet-up with Watters and Wjingaard to find out more about this surreal new series and share a couple of lizards on sticks.