Although we don’t often find ourselves covering ‘the galaxy’s greatest comic’ on here, we thought we’d make an exception for this year’s 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special as it features an all female team of writers and artists tackling the world of Dredd and co for the very first time. It’s a veritable who’s who of UK talent from established names like Leah Moore and Alex de Campi alongside up and comers like Olivia Hicks and Abigail Bulmer, as well as a FutureShock from the incomparable Tillie Walden, which is reason enough to pick it up in our book!

Valentine 1 ComiXologyAvailable once again on ComiXology Valentine #1 and #2  from Alex de Campi and Christine Larsen is one of the forgotten classics of digital comics, yet has influenced a whole generation of comic creators. Re-issued via Mark Waid’s Thrillbent label how does this 5 year old comic compare to the young upstarts who followed it?

Valentine cover 2When it comes to the evolution of digital comics, Alex de Campi’s Valentine may not be a name that is instantly associated with the rise of ComiXology and Guided View, but it is every bit as important and influential as any Infinite title. Along with artist Christine Larsen, de Campi paved the way for what we currently regard as Guided View digital comics, influencing an entire generation of digital comics creators along the way, including Thrillbent supremo Mark Waid! However due to publishing problems and being ahead of the digital curve, Valentine has never found a settled home to be appreciated by the world, until now that is. Valentine is set to return to our screens via Waid’s Thrillbent website, and finally see the story of two soldiers lost in the wilderness of Russia reach it’s epic conclusion. So to find out more about this pioneering series, we contacted de Campi to discuss ‘looping snow’, ‘shit-hot digital comics’ and her status as a Guided View trailblazer.