This weekends must read digital comics in the Sunday Digest include Warren Ellis’ new eco apocalypse series Trees from Image Comics, Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard’s clock punk fairytale Brass Sun from 2000 AD and the latest instalment of slacker superhero series Knuckleheads from MonkeyBrain Comics.

Brass Sun #1 coverAt the centre of the world of Brass Sun is the Orrery  a vast clockwork solar system where planets whirl on vast metal arms and the sun of cogs is worshipped as a god. This new mini series from 2000 AD writer Ian Edginton and artist INJ Culbard is released on May 28th by 2000 AD/Rebellion Publishing and sees heroine Wren look to save her home world, and in turn the entire universe, from heretical cog worshipping bishops and along the way set out on a mission to restart the sun! No small scale story-telling here! To find out more about this mix of fairy tale, steam punk, clock punk and good old fashioned science fantasy we contacted writer Ian Edginton to ask what it would be like living in a clockwork world.

This week’s must-read digital comics include three slices of sci-fi from different points on the spectrum. On the dark side are the official Dredd movie sequel comic book Judge Dredd: Underbelly and Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurnari’s dystopian time-travel series The Bunker and on the shinier side is Uproar Comics new sci-fi graphic novel Leap!

This January, duty calls Judge Dredd to the West Coast, in the destructive new miniseries Mega-City Two: City of Courts! After entering a partnership with Rebellion/2000 AD, IDW has explored Dredd’s past in Year One, and taken him “Into the Cursed Earth” in his ongoing title, but with a truly unique creative team on Mega-City Two, Dredd will go up against the unfamiliar and depraved like never before!