Pipedream Pull List: Angry Birds Comic #1 (IDW Publishing)

The latest hit iOS game to be turned into a digital comic, Angry Birds Comic #1 from IDW Publishing is the first of an ongoing series focusing on the adventures of those egg-stealing, building destroying avians. But will this comic version hit its target and get 5 gold stars, or has it overshot?

Angry Birds comic 01Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: Jeff Parker/Paul Tobin
Artist: Paco Rodrigues/Marco Gervasio/Cesar Ferioli
Price: £2.49/$3.99 from ComiXology

Angry Birds is depicted an anthology series which tells several separate tales in each installment, all focusing on the continuous battle between the titular angry birds and their enemies, the pigs. The first story sees the angry birds, while planning their next attack on a pigs stronghold, face unexpected trouble as one of their own gets the hiccups, causing him to constantly explode. Meanwhile, Story number two focuses more on the pigs and the difficulties they face when building their ‘strongholds’ which often (if you’ve played the game) don’t do much to prevent the birds attacks. Then, in the final story, the birds receive gifts of sweets from the pigs, along with propaganda which makes the birds doubt their loyalty to each other.

Prior to reading Angry Birds, the concept of it is certainly a confusing one. How can a book, based on a game as simple as Angry Birds is, be made to feel enjoyable? Well, Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin have managed to do just that as this issue was a light hearted, almost parody like take on the concept behind the game. Parker’s stories in particular (‘hiccups’ and ‘propaganda’) are incredibly humorous as the very much one dimensional characters are all taken and imbued with incredibly addictive personalities that, while all different, inhabit the panels together in a perfect mesh. This goes the same for the both the angry birds and the pigs, who are written with such hilarity as bumbly idiots. This is not a politically correct book by any stretch, but it is incredibly funny.

It is also a highly addictive book and that is not just caused by the writing, but the by the artwork used. Every panel throughout the whole book is incredibly consistent given that there are three separate art teams, but it is also looks incredibly accurate in relation to the graphics of its source material. The art provided by messrs Rodrigues, Gervasio, Ferioli et al is also what makes the book, with the colourful, light-hearted world and absurd goings on detailed in each panel giving much more impact than the words.


pd_review4“As an idea for a comic book, Angry Birds Comic is an absurd one. However, the creators never give this project more seriousness than it deserves and as a result it is a perfect adaptation. With such humorous antics and eccentric characters, Angry Birds Comic #1 is terrific read which (with the help of a slingshot) blows away some of its more serious competition like it’s an egg-stealing pig!”