Creator Rees Finlay is a man of many talents. Not only is he the host of podcast Declaration of Independents, but he is also a talented writer, artist and creator of graphic novels like, the Blue Flame. Now Finlay, brings us The High Priestess, an old unfinished idea about a woman in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell. but will this new comic be divine reading or end up in purgatory?

This weekend is the fantastic True Believers Comic Festival 2019 in Cheltenham, and if you are wondering which of the many wonderful small press books launching this weekend you should check out, we have some handy reviews including: Nick Bryan’s Moon Frame, John Tucker’s Plan A/Plan B, the latest issue of Awesome Comics and Grayham Puttock’s Circusside.

Reel Love Collected EditionThe new hardcover version of Owen Michael Johnson’s wonderful Reel Love: The Complete Collection really resonated with our inner movie geek, so we caught up with Owen’ ahead of the books release to find out more about what inspired his love of the cinema and how he found the emotional truth of his story!

From writer Sam Roads (Silicon Heart) comes Cryowulf, an epic labour of love in every sense. Four years in the making, this gender flipped version of Beowulf is set on an abandoned space station orbiting a collapsing sun, but don’t worry, you don’t need a degree in ancient english poetry or quantum physics to enjoy this one. Although it might help!

This years award for ‘graphic novel we really should have read sooner so that it was eligible for our best of 2018 list’ goes to Benjamin Dickson’s A New Jerusalem. A powerful and thought provoking story of a young boys relationship with his father in post-war Britain, that is very different to your average heroic war comic book story.

Hellbound Media’s Mandy The Monster Hunter: The Legend of the Spindly Man has been a consistently fantastic read and career best work from all involved. Especially artist Lyndon White who has breathed a sinister air into the world of our favourite  monster hunter, thanks mainly to the enigmatic and terrifying villain. The Hellbound team and currently funding the fourth and final issue issue of this fantastic series so why not use this as a chance to get involved with one of small presses’ finest female characters! You can find out more and pledge support here.

The latest book to come out of the Unbound publishing platform (joining Ram V’s Grafity’s Wall and Rachael Smith’s Isobel and Blodwen) sees Beast Wagon’s Owen Michael Johnson bring us Reel Love: The Complete Collection, a 3 volume semi-autobiographical tale about growing up as a film fan, collected into a glorious hardcover boxset. But will it be a blockbuster or an arthouse flop?

Kickstarter is the new shop window for indie comic creators, with dozens of titles funded every week. But how do you get people to invest in the promise of your amazing new small press or indie comic? We talk to the UK scene’s Kickstarter experts to get their essential tips on how to fund an indie comic and run a winning campaign…