To celebrate their first year we thought we’d do a quick rundown of 10 favourite MonkeyBrain Comics. They’re all available via ComiXology so why not give them a try and let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

Holy high tech, Batman!  Today marks the release of highly anticipated new Digital-First comic Batman ’66 #1. The first chapter takes the digital reading experience to the next level by incorporating DC2,the latest digital reading innovation from DC Entertainment. DC2’s dynamic artwork brings the classic TV show’s action and retro attitude to life for comic readers through an expanded storytelling canvas as each comic panel tells a multi-dimensional story through layered artwork and sequences. DC2 interactivity is built exclusively on the ComiXology platform and will be offered to readers using the DC Comics or ComiXology apps or online through or

Not content with just offering new features like Subscriptions and Bundles for it’s web users, today ComiXology have announced two great new features for it’s Comics iPad and iPhone app – ‘fit-to-width’ and ‘two-page view’, both are available for free from today, by simply updating your existing Comics app or downloading it for free here.

MonkeyBrain Logo 150px12 months ago today a little company called MonkeyBrain Comics announced itself to the world at SDCC. The brain child of writer Chris Roberson and his wife Allison Baker, it set out to be the place where a select bunch of writers and artists could publish creator-owned comics digitally, without having to rely on the whims of publishing deal. Over the course of the next year MonkeyBrain Comics has gone on to become one of the most innovative and exciting companies in the world of digital comics. From it’s initial run of 5 titles, MonkeyBrain has released over 20 titles from some of the comics worlds best names which have been met with critical acclaim. From regular titles like Edison Rex and Masks and Mobsters, to delightful one shots like The Stars Below and Thoughts on a Winter Morning from Astro City’s Kurt Busiek, MonkeyBrain’s titles have defied convention ranging from golden age superheroes and gangsters to supernatural real estate agents and animal allegories. But one thing has been constant – a level of high quality writing and art that cannot be beaten in the world of comics (digital or print!). You don’t always know what you’ll get in terms of content with a MonkeyBrain comic, but sure as hell know it’ll be of the absolute highest quality! To help celebrate this momentous first year we contaced co-founder Chris Roberson to get the inside scoop on this tremendous 12 months and to find out just why the heck he would name his company MonkeyBrain?!

Today ComiXology has debuted two new ways to shop that comic book fans have been clamoring for – subscriptions and bundles. Subscriptions let fans everywhere subscribe to their favorite series so they’ll never miss an issue. Bundles allow ComiXology fans to buy curated collections – be it entire series, or multi-issue events – at steep discounts and all at a click of a button.

cannons_introLast time we spoke Double Barrel’s Kevin and Zander Cannon they were just setting off on their exciting journey into the wide world of digital comics. They were setting out to change the model of digital publishing by releasing their comics Crater XV and Heck in a combined monthly instalment. Not only would this give fans a regular fix while they were finishing off writing and drawing their respective books but they hoped it would also avoid fans ‘waiting for the trade’ and so giving readers a reason to pick up the book much earlier.  With both Crater XV and Heck now released as collected editions on ComiXology we wanted to find out how the Cannon’s journey went and what they had learned about the world of digital comics along the way.