Kickstarter: Sam Eggleston and Randy Kintz launch campaign for new creator owned series Cazadora

We’ve seen some fantastic project gets developed through Kickstarter this year from Molly Danger to The Mighty Titan, and the latest that’s piqued our interest is the creator-owned comic Cazadora from artist Randy Kintz and writer Sam Eggleston.

CazadoraThe Kickstarter campaign for Cazadora launched at the begining of November with aim of raising $4,000 for their 28-page creator-owned comic in order to cover the costs of a colorist and letterer and printing.

So where did the inspiration come from? Sam tells us “Randy Kintz had no idea what a sketch he did of a steampunk zombie huntress in the opening days of 2013 would lead to before the year’s end.”

“I had an image in my head and put it down on paper,” said Kintz, affectionately known by his fans as Rantz. “The next day I posted it on my Facebook page and about an hour later Sam asked if he could write a pitch based on her. I told him to go for it.”

Just days later, not only was Kintz reading over the pitch, but a full script as well.

“I just couldn’t quit writing,” Eggleston said. “Randy’s conceptual sketch of the character just got the creative juices flowing. Cazadora is everything I’ve wanted to write in a comic character — she’s tough, she’s smart, she’s determined and she’s as deadly as she is sexy.”

A few tweaks here and there were all it took for both creators to be sold on moving forward with the concept and bringing it to life in the pages of a comic.

Cazadora is a strong female protagonist who has made a name for herself in Victorian-era Europe as one of the absolute best freelance zombie hunters. From collecting undead body parts and supplies for experiments to helping survivors make their way to the last-known bastion of humanity, the island of Great Britain, Cazadora is the best at what she does.

But Cazadora makes a startling discovery while out in the field — one that could change the war on the undead forever and could lead to the absolute extinction of the human race.

For more information about Cazadora, visit the Kickstarter page or the comic’s fanpage on Facebook.