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Wolf cover

“Growing up there was always a feeling of a bogey man somewhere” Rachael Ball talks about the personal inspirations for Wolf from Selfmadehero

Having earned a just deserved second place in our recent rundown of the best small press and indie comics of the year 2018, we caught up with Wolf creator Rachael Ball to find out more about the personal influences on it contains and the inspirations for her emotional and complex tale of grief and childhood […]

These Savage Shores 02_cover

Review: These Savage Shores (Vault Comics)

Based in the steamy sub continent in the 18th century, with These Savage Shores, writer Ram V continues to build on his excellent 2018 resume with this new tale of vampires and shape changers in a pre-colonial world. If you ever wondered if there was a supernatural force more powerful than a blood sucker, you […]


Review: The Lady Doctor (Myriad Editions)

The Lady Doctor is our first foray into the world of books from Myriad Editions and we are hoping it won’t be our last. Ian Williams’ latest is the follow up to his previous The Bad Doctor and continues to mix outlandishly funny tales about life in the NHS with an undercurrent of real emotional pathos, […]

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Review: Plagued Volume 2: The Miranda Chronicles and Freedom Bound from BHP Comics

Scottish indie publisher BHP Comics, have evolved from a ‘little-company-who-could’, into a real player in the UK comics scene. With a roster featuring big name titles like John Wagner’s Rok of The Reds or the Frank Quitely Sketchbook, through to socially conscious books like Full Colour and small press superstars like Killtopia.  We take a […]

Friendo 1

Review: Friendo #1 & 2 (Vault Comics)

We’re living in a world run by digital assistants, and so it’s inevitable that their ominous presence should make an appearance in sci-fi comics. Writer Alex Paknadel and artist Martin Simmonds have taken things to the extreme in Friendo though, with a malevolent and destructive digital buddy who not only encourages excessive spending but much […]

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Review: Death Sentence: Liberty Girl #1

Having finally got up to speed on the amazing Death Sentence, we are over the moon that it is back with a new Kickstarter funded series, Death Sentence Liberty Girl. Monty Nero and Martin Simmonds visceral tale of sex, drugs and superpowers feels like it hasn’t missed a beat as this new series smashes you […]

Tumult cover

Review: Tumult (SelfMadeHero)

John Harris Dunning and Michael Kennedy’s debut graphic novel Tumult, definitely lives up to it’s title as they create a chaotic and confusing world for their hero, featuring multiple personalities, government conspiracies and doomed love. But can this confusing world make for a satisfying read?


“We wanted it to feel like all the best kids stories, where they get to go on crazy adventures but are still back in time for tea!” Leah Moore, John Reppion and Sally Jane Thompson talk Conspiracy of Ravens from Dark Horse Comics

We don’t normally cover Dark Horse Comics here on the site, but we thought we would make an exception for Conspiracy Of Ravens, the first creator owned book from Leah Moore and John Reppion, with art from small press star Sally Jane Thompson. This all ages adventure features a young girl at boarding school discover […]


Review: Close (Comichaus)

Joining the excellent 32 Kills as the latest part of the Comichaus publishing push is Close, which is written by Impossible’s Chris Sides and long time collaborator Chris Travell. Released from the pages of the Comichaus Anthology, Close is a slice of contemporary crime drama that sees a stalker wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. So […]

Retrograde Orbit

“I wanted to explore how you can be from two places and not quite belong in either” Kristyna Baczynski on what it is to be an alien in Retrograde Orbit from Avery Hill Publishing

Set on a mining colony in the depths of space Kristyna Baczynski’s Retrograde Orbit is a complex and poignant tale of a young alien girl trying to fit into a world that is different to her own. With it’s subtle look at immigration and identity, we caught up with it’s creator to find out more about […]