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Review: Bun (Madius Comics)

With the first full issue of Mike Sambrook’s Bun proper coming very soon, and the first 11 pages now available for free on Gumroad, we look back at that sampler issue about a giant bunny trying to find his way in the world. But does writer Mike Sambrook manage to create a sweet all ages tale, that […]


ComiXology Originals Round-Up: Superfreaks, Elephantmen 2261, Ask For Mercy and Savage Game

Digital comics giant ComiXology have turned publisher with their new collection of ComiXology Originals. This opening collection of four titles include all ages superhero adventure Super Freaks; a new series of Richard Starkings’ long running Elephantmen; a Starkings original called Ask For Mercy; and Savage Game from NFL player Ryan Kalil.  Related posts: Indie Comic […]

Murder Most Mundane

Review: Murder Most Mundane (Mad Robot Comics)

The latest book from Brighton’s Mad Robot Comics, home to Cadavers and Last Exit to Brighton, sees a tough as nails London detective investigate some grisly murders in a quaint country village. But will Murder Most Mundane manage to be more meaningful than it’s murders. Related posts: Review: Red Rocket Comet (Lab Rat Comics) Review: […]

Red Rocket Comet

Review: Red Rocket Comet (Lab Rat Comics)

The ‘annoyingly good’ Matt Garvey returns with yet another new title this month in Red Rocket Comet the tale of an aging hero plagued by nightmares from the past. The prolific creator of white NOIR, The Ether and The Devil In Disguise has teamed up with Circusside’s Grayham Puttock and Captain Cosmic’s Andy W. Clift […]

2000AD SciFi Special 2018

Review: 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special (Rebellion)

Although we don’t often find ourselves covering ‘the galaxy’s greatest comic’ on here, we thought we’d make an exception for this year’s 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special as it features an all female team of writers and artists tackling the world of Dredd and co for the very first time. It’s a veritable who’s who of […]

Apollo Cover

Review: Apollo (SelfMadeHero)

For their follow up to the zany Last Driver and eclectic sci-fi anthology Adventures in Science, Chris Baker and Matt Fitch have opted for an equally out of this world subject – the Apollo moon landing. Teaming up with veteran artist Mike Collins they look to tell the story of man’s first mission to the […]


Review: Grind (Joe Palmer Comics)

From the opening scenes involving a row over a cup of tea in the workplace, you can’t help but be drawn into Joe Palmer’s scintilating sci-fi one shot Grind. The workplace banter is instantly familliar, but the world it is set in is one of a kind and it’s this perfect combination of the fresh […]


Review: Deadendia (Nobrow Press)

Pantheon from Hamish Steele was one of our favourite books of last year, so we were delighted to hear that is latest webcomic Deadendia was about to get the same high class graphic novel treatment from the fine folk at Nobrow. As with Pantheon, Deadendia is another hilarious and hyper-colour adventure, with an eclectic and diverse range […]

Magpie Large Cover

Review: Magpie (Throwaway Press)

The fine line between comics and art is blurred even further by the fascinating work of Kathryn Briggs. This new collection, courtesy of Throwaway Press (publisher of Dirty Rotten Comics), brings together some of Kathryn’s previously published work in one fascinating package. Related posts: Review: Deadendia (Nobrow Press) “Given what a vibrant scene it is […]


Review: Hollow Monsters (Monty Nero)

The new book for Death Sentence‘s Monty Nero is part horror story, part childhood throwback, part romance Related posts: Review: Grind (Joe Palmer Comics) “I’m a sucker for giant monsters and wanted to set something with them on our little island” we talk to Chris Welsh about the creepy world of Ness How to submit […]


Review: CCTVylle #2 (CCTVylle Comics)

This high-tech thriller from Gianluca Bonomo, Diego Blanda and Salvatore Porcaro sees three young misfits attempting to find their way in a world governed by creepy hybrid birds with cameras for heads. It’s a powerful visual and a great central premise for this tightly woven thriller, but is it one to keep an eye on, […]

Start Again

Start Again #1 (Jamie Me Comics)

While most probably best known as the host of the Twitter account and weekly event, #comicbookhour, Jamie Me is also a comic writer and creator in his own right, such as political crime thriller series Queen, and currently funding on Kickstarter a remastered edition of Start Again #1, a superhero comic which focuses on online harassment, […]

Away cover

Away (Markosia)

Thanks to titles like Brethren Born and Late Knights, Jon Laight has become a firm fixture of the UK small press comics scene. But for this latest, most ambitious title, Laight has joined up with Markosia Comics and the artistic talents of Grant Richards, Darren Stephens and Rob Jones to produce Away, a sci-fi story […]

Cognition 3

Cognition #3 (Ken Reynolds Comics)

It’s been just over a year since Ken Reynolds and Sam Bentley brought out their last instalment of their steampunk action/horror comic Cognition. In the run up to the Kickstarter for issue #3, we take a look at the new issue and see if Cal and Sigma can continue their spell binding success, or if […]

Lady Hollywood cover

Lady Hollywood #1 (Cult Empire Comics)

Think of Hollywood and you’ll most likely imagine a wonderland of film stars and high rollers, basking in big city lights. Of course, all of the bright lights, make the shadows seem all the darker. It’s into this seedy underbelly of LA’s Tinsel Town that we venture in Lady Hollywood from Cult Empire Comics. Related […]

TheEdgeOff cover

The Edge Off (Cabal Comics)

While readers of Fraser Campbell’s previous psychedelic adventures like Alex Automatic may feel prepared for what he has in store for us with his new book The Edge Off, there’s very little to prepare the body and mind for the trip now funding on Kickstarter. Rest assured this is No Jacob’s Ladder – It’s at vary […]

Eternal Cover

Eternal (Black Mask Studios)

Thanks to his mastery of Kickstarter, Ryan K Lindsay has become one of Small Press’ most prominent stars, with titles such as EIR, Deer Editor, Chum and more. Creating deep, meaningful and beautiful comics with a cavalcade of great artists, for his new book Eternal, Lindsay reunites with his Headspace cohorts Eric Zawadzki and Dee Cunniffe […]


Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn (Nobrow)

The thing about positive gender representation, is that it’s about more than just creating a bunch of cookie cutter characters in order to fulfil a quota. To get true equality the characters also have to be meaningful and engaging – and that means making them unlikeable as well as likeable. And that is definitely what […]


White Ash #1 & 2 (White Ash Comics)

To paraphrase the line that opens the comic itself, small towns can often hide big secrets. While, in many real life small communities, this is limited to infrequent scandal over doping at the local pumpkin growing contest or the occasional local vicar syphoning off bake sale funds to fund the construction of a monument to […]


Hex Loader #1-3 (Zebra Comics)

In late 1979 Atari released Adventure on its 2600 console, a landmark title in the archives of video game history as it featured the first documented “Easter Egg” when Warren Robinett secretly coded his name into a hidden screen of the gam, influencing countless others over the subsequent years. Fast forward 39 years to 2018 […]

The XII: The Father #1-6 (Alterna Comics)

This week, we check out Alterna Comics’ new Post-Apocalyptic Horror story The XII: The Father by Patrick Trahey, Luis Suarez and Magnus which follows a family as they attempt to survive the hell of the apocalypse while avoiding a mythical band of boogeymen. Can this title reach the promised land of sales success or will […]