ComixologySubmitThis week’s round-up of the best of ComiXology Submit features: super powered weather-based science fiction in Brainstorm #1; an eclectic british anthology in Doghouse #5; post-apocalyptic ice hockey hilarity in Hockeypocalypse #3; and spiritual robot super-spies in Sector Four: Season One.

ComixologySubmitThis week’s Best of ComiXology Submit features: dystopian science fiction in Dayglow #1; technicolour anarchy in Death Betty #0; pulp adventure perfection in Doc Unknown volumes 1 and 2; and an enigmatic rag doll carrying hit man in Trenchcoat Samurai #2.

ComixologySubmitThis week’s Best of ComiXology Submit features: existential student art projects in How I Made The World; the surreal and nightmarish Illustrated Girl #1; Sam Eggelston’s taut space thriller Last Breath: Survival Against All Odds; and pulpy monster fighting action in Kevin Gentilcore’s The Haunter #1.

ComixologySubmitThis week’s best of ComiXology Submit features: a Brit sci-fi anthology in 100% Biodegradable volume 4; a drunken bear who goes to war in a home-made tank in The Trials of Francis The Bear; some genuinely unsettling horror tales in the vampire and zombie free The Sleep of Reason; and the a new collected edition of app-based digital comic Upgrade Soul. All of these are available on ComiXology this week.

ComixologySubmitThis week’s best of ComiXology Submit features: Andrew R MacLean’s big-bearded, witch-carrying sword-for-hire series Head Lopper #1; Wrestlers and superheros in Palooka #1; Stephan Franck’s monochrome vampire heist series Silver Volume 1; And undead soldiers from World War I in Zombie International #1.

This weekends must read digital comics in the Sunday Digest include Warren Ellis’ new eco apocalypse series Trees from Image Comics, Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard’s clock punk fairytale Brass Sun from 2000 AD and the latest instalment of slacker superhero series Knuckleheads from MonkeyBrain Comics.

This weekend’s must-read digital comics include: Marvel’s latest cinematic movie prequel in Amazing Spider-man Infinite; Archer Coe and the Thousand Natural Shocks, a hypnotic new indie series from Oni Press; and Needles and Dust an Israeli digital graphic novel app from Tsach Weinberg.

This week’s must-read digital comics include a prequel to a Marvel blockbuster in Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite, a new instalment of BKV’s outstanding The Private Eye as well as a great new indie series, The Tellurian, which takes dedication in creating a comic to new levels. There’s also a great indie showcase from aspiring writer Jesse Young.

This weekend’s must-read digital comics feature some nightmare inducing horror from Cullen Bunn and Monkeybrain Comics, plus an all-ages Saturday morning cartoon inspired indie in the shape of Alex The Abominable from Jack Davies and Jacob Boniface. Plus a tribute to a comedy legend who is with us no more in IDW’s Ghostbusters.

This week’s must-read digital comics include the final chapter in the first story arc of Valiant’s epic  Unity crossover, a spiritual and existential science fiction omnibus in Doug Rushkoff’s Testament and a reimagining of a Victorian curiosity in Merrick The Sensational Elephantman.