indie-round-upHidden amongst the Secret Wars spin-offs this month are some superb new digital indie comics. We take a look at some of the best for this month so far, including Universe #3 from Panel Syndicate, UK anthology Atom Jacket, superhero homage To A Pulp and webcomic The Book of Fey.

Propeller 4 coverRich kid Rex Baldwin wants to keep his super powered teleporting bracelets a secret from the wider world, but when he helps stop a bank robbery he gets more than he bargained for in Propeller, a 4-part Hitchcock inspired indie thriller from Ricardo Mo and Alberto Muriel, that concludes this week on ComiXology Submit.

The Devil You KnowIn The Devil You Know, Greydon Cross is an average Joe. A tough boss who isn’t afraid to make the difficult decisions, but a committed family man who gives to the homeless at Christmas. So when he and his family are murdered by a mysterious stranger, things take an unexpected turn as he wakes up in limbo and is given the offer of a lifetime by God himself.

Pantheon Project 1We all played superheroes as kids, but what if as teenagers we were to somehow magically get those exact same powers?! That’s the central premise for The Pantheon Project a refreshing slice of old-school superhero story-telling from Erik F Taylor and Leila Del Luca and available now on ComiXology Submit.

Atomic Robo Two Fisted TalesBrian Clevinger and Scott Wegener’s sci-fi comedy Atomic Robo is given a new lease of life with a ComiXology Submit release, dusting off this classic piece of digital store-telling in Atomic Robo: Two Fisted Tales: Along Came a Tyrantula.

Giant Days #1Slice of university life, Giant Days #1 is brought together by John Allison (Scary Go Round) and Lissa Treiman (Disney Feature Animation), promising to be a light-hearted comedy with cute character designs. Starring three new friends Susan, Esther and Daisy, can Giant Days stand up to mainstream giants, or will it simply fade into obscurity?

Southern Cross #1Creative team Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger and Lee Loughridge take the reader on a journey the length of the galaxy, marking the boundaries between genres and then blending them together with cold environments, a red-headed protagonist and inner monologuing by the bucketload. Southern Cross #1 is a noir case set in space, but does it work?

Chrononauts #1Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Mark Millar is pretty darn prolific when it comes to his roster of ‘Millarworld’ comics. His latest offering is Chrononauts #1, where he teams up super-hot artist/creator Sean Gordon Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus) and delves into a world of time travel hijinks. But can Millar create another ‘Kick-Ass’ story or is he out of time?

Descender 1Jeff Lemire has become a big deal in comics thanks to his writing on unique titles like Animal Man, Sweet Tooth, Trillium and Lil’ Gotham. Now he adds another interesting premise to his bibliography with Descender #1 from Image Comics, which follows the story of an child android in a world where robots are extinct. But will this title match Lemire’s already high quality previous works, or will it feel more artificial than most fans will tolerate?