Adventure in PulpWebcomic Adventures in Pulp, takes classic pulp stories of the 40s and 50s featuring private eyes and alien invasions and gives them a slick 21st century presentation (but without ever losing their vintage charm!). Published online and now available via ComiXology we caught up with writer Brett Harris, co-creator of this 5 star rated series, to find out what inspired him to get pulpy!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 14.11.10It’s not long to go before our friends at the Melksham Comic Con 2015 open their doors for another year. One of the best local conventions in the UK, we catch up with Conventions organiser to find out about their plans for this year’s events and what’s been happening with her and her team.

Descending Outlands #2With the second issue of his science fiction space opera Descending Outlands set to debut at this weekend’s Melksham Comic Convention 2015, we catch up with writer and colourist Shaun Dobie to discuss Star Wars, spaceships and filling the space sci-fi void.

StrangeNation_vol1_coverIn the weird and wonderful world of Strange Nation, investigative journalist Norma Parker gets caught up in the middle of an alien invasion, is chased by killer sasquatches and is the victim of a global conspiracy involving her entire family. Originally released as a digital-first series from MonkeyBrain Comics, it has now been collected together by IDW Publishing and released as a printed edition so we caught up with writer Paul Allor to find out if he is right to be paranoid about the world we live in!

wart_book1Chris Welsh and Ammar Al Chalabi’s webcomic Wart – A Cosmic Horror Comic, is based on the works of HP Lovecraft – in other words it features dark and dank supernatural terrors and plenty of tentacled beasties – however unlike most books who cite the Master of Cthulu as an influence, Welsh and Chalabi have taken a cartoonish approach to the work dog Wart which actually gives the whole series a really refreshing edge. 

Curse of the WendigoWith artwork from The Walking Dead’s Charlie Adlard, Delcourt’s The Curse of the Wendigo is the most high profile and mainstream-friendly of the recent ‘French Invasion’ titles that have been translated and released on the cloud giants storefront. But will this tale of a supernatural beast in the World War 1 battlefields be a match for Adlard’s undead odyssey?

ComiXology Comics iconOne of the great things about ComiXology’s Comics app is that you can load up your iPad with great digital comics and read them at your leisure and in places where you don’t need a network connection. However we’ve been finding recently that this isn’t always possible with the Comics app signing us out just when we needed it most. But if you’re finding you can’t read ComiXology Comics offline too, then don’t worry, there is a solution!

Adventure in PulpThis pulp-inspired weekly webcomic is given the collected treatment via ComiXology as Adventures in Pulp presents: Volume 1 brings the adventures of Dick Ruby and Dr Destructo to life for a whole new audience in Hawk and a Handsaw and Dick Ruby and the Case of the Little Greenmen.