Thrillbent logoNot content with just producing some of the world’s best cutting edge digital comics, today Mark Waid and John Rogers’ Thrillbent have announced that award-winning writer/artist Terry Moore, will be bringing his long-running masterpiece Strangers In Paradise to the site beginning Friday, July 3.

Super! Volume 12015 is shaping up to be a real ‘Summer of Superheroes’, but what if you’re tired of the same old offerings from the Big Two? Super! Volume 1 tells the rather familiar tale of a superhero team as they attempt to make their mark on the world full of other costumed heroes. But can this indie sensation defeat the heavy hitters of superhero team books or will this be a title which cannot be saved, no matter how many heroes are in it?

Lady Mechanika Tablet of Destinies 1Former Weapon Zero/Darkness artist Joe Benitez’s beautifully rendered steampunk extravaganza returns to ComiXology Submit with a brand new adventure in Lady Mechanika: The Tablet of Destinies – a superb slice of Victorian-infused action rendered in Benitez’s trademarks extreme detail!

4971be87b26e807d8e1ce575d9be0293_originalHit digital comic, Holidaze has launched a Kickstarter to help fund a 140 page collected edition of the first 5 issues (currently only available on ComiXology). So if you were a fan of this zany tale of mythical characters on their day off and the bar in which they spend it, then be sure to check out this great project and lend your support.

ComiXology Comics iconComics users, it’s time for a ComiXology update as the digital comics giant have unveiled an exciting new iteration of their market-defining Android and iOS app. Boasting a new Smart Lists feature and a variety of browsing options, can this new version of Comics remedy some of the negative steps they made with their previous update?

Dark Horse app iconFor years Dark Horse Comics were the largest major comics publisher not to have teamed up with digital comics giant, comiXology/ But after today that is all set to change as Dark Horse Comics and ComiXology have announced a huge digital distribution agreement for their roster of more than 800 titles including HellboySin CityBuffy the Vampire SlayerAvatar: The Last AirbenderThe Goon, & more!

Modern TestamentAn angel, a demon and horseman of apocalypse – it’s not the opening gambit of a cheesy joke, but the cast list of the new comic from writer Frank Martin that sees these characters thrown into present day scenarios with chilling results in Insane Comics’ Modern Testament – Anthology of The Ethereal. 

Mollie Danger KickstarterAfter a 3 year hiatus, former Digital Comic of the Year runner-up Molly Danger is scheduled to return to our screens, as creator Jamal Igle has launched a new Molly Danger Kickstarter campaign to fund production of a bimonthly Molly Danger series! Igle launched the Molly Danger series in 2012 with a Kickstarter campaign for the first book, raising $50,000 dollars and achieving critical and popular success. Igle is now looking to produce a six issue series and you can help!.

ComiXology Amazon KindleIn news that will shock no-one, the world’s largest comics company (Marvel) and the world’s largest digital comics provider (comiXology) have agreed to continue their relationship together. This means you can continue getting your favourite Marvel comics via the comiXology apps and website. However, if you’re a Kindle user this new deal means an extra 12,000 new titles are now available on the Kindle Store, so there’s no way you’ll miss that all important new issue!

Airboy 1If is often said that all fiction tends to be based on an element of truth, even within comics. Well, James Robinson and Greg Hinkle try and put this to the test with Airboy #1, a very fictional story about this creative team and their efforts in resurrecting a comic book character who, while once popular, has become long forgotten. Will this series prove that reality (of a sorts) is more interesting than fiction?

sequential app iconEarlier this year, Sequential and The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) gave away free copies of the TCAF 2015 Digital Comics Anthology featuring brand new specially commissioned artwork from a host of great writers and artists. Due to high demand, TCAF and SEQUENTIAL have decided to make the anthology available for download again until the end of June, so be sure to check out this amazing collection for free while you can!

Captain CanuckIn the world of comics we’re used to seeing older, forgotten characters, reimagined for a modern audience, and the latest to join this gang is ‘The Guardian of the True North’ in Captain Canuck #1. Having first appeared in 1975. this new series follows up a successful web series with a brand new ongoing comics, but can it succeed in this updated world or will it become another footnote in the character’s long history?

X-Men '92 Infinite ComicMarvel’s summer spectacular Secret Wars is in full swing with the various Marvel universes re-booted, ret-conned and generally re-imagined into the all encompassing Battleworld. As well as giving the house of ideas a chance to tame some of the more unruly plot strands it also gives them the chance to dust of some old franchises for another go around, including a welcome return to the X-men animated series who make their digital debut in X-Men ’92 Infinite Comic #1.