Kickstarter is the new shop window for indie comic creators, with dozens of titles funded every week. But how do you get people to invest in the promise of your amazing new small press or indie comic? We talk to the UK scene’s Kickstarter experts to get their essential tips on how to fund an indie comic and run a winning campaign…

We were lucky enough to discover Chris Spalton’s outlandish tales about his dad’s antic in Norfolk in their earliest form. But with a new collected edition of The Eelman Chronicles Volume 1 now available we get to see them in all their glory, and ask if this can be a catch of the day or will it be one that gets away.

With it’s second instalment currently on Kickstarter, we take a look at Rik Jackson’s initial outing of Heads, a sinister and unnerving crime thriller about a private detective trying to solve a case about three girls wearing very bizarre heads. Can this comic put all the pieces together to make itself a success or will it wind up unsold?

This new book from SelfMadeHero is another fantastic example of how comics can be used to chronicle extraordinary lives. Following the true story of one of the youngest inmates at the notorious Guantamo Bay prison camp Guantanamo Kid is a harrowing and thought-provoking look inside this brutal prison camp and the abuses that occurred post 9/11.

This month’s small press spotlight sees us take a look at: the new book from Horde Comics, Revenant Part One (with it’s excellent Andy Bloor cover!); alongside the new book Blinker from Madius Comics’ newest addition Rosie Packwood; and a curious animal murder mystery in The Absent Wild.

With much of the country covered in snow and ice, like something out of Game Of Thrones, it was time for the UK comic scene to make it’s grand entrance with the annual True Believers Comic Festival 2019. With a new venue and a host of familiar names would we get a warm welcome or the cold shoulder?

Accent UK are well known for bringing us an eclectic range of comics such as Wolfmen or Western Noir. We take a look at Kia Wordsmith, which Accent successfully Kickstarter last year, and wherein writer Dave West unleashes an idea years in the making (with help from artist Ian Ashcroft) about a young woman attempting to find her place in a world on the brink of war.

Last February, we took a look at Nic Paul’s and Rory Donald’s first issue of Resurrection Men and found it to be quite the enjoyable read. Well, almost a year later, Messrs Paul and Donald have now returned with the second issue of their title as it continues to follow James Stone’s battle with the forces of Kraig. We thought the first issue was great but can this second instalment follow suit?

Every month in ComicScene magazine we write a column about a particular issue to do with indie and small press comics. For volume 2 issue 1 (now on sale here) we looked at 10 fantastic small press friendly comic conventions that we’re looking forward to in 2019.