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With a name that sounds a bit like a George Romero movie and with a cover by Charlie Adlard, can
Comics and music might seem like strange bedfellows but they’ve been hanging out together for decades, from The Archies in
Perennial Pipedream favourite Ryan K. Lindsay (Eternal, Deer Editor, Beautiful Canvas) is back with a unique new series from a
Even though it is a new year we are still discovering some fantastic new indie and small press comics (with
We’re taking a deep dive into the belly of the beast this week with a return to *shudder* middle-school (secondary
When it comes to sci-fi, there are usually three things which you can guarantee with space adventures; a military-like organisation,
Although we can't claim to be experts on all things Manga here at Pipedream Comics, one common theme that continues
Inspector Harker, the copper with the heart of granite, has been around for over a decade but the recent collections
We’ve seen a fair few viking books come our way in recent years, from Asa Wheatley's Sagas of the Shield
After a lengthy effort to recover their work from a certain indie publisher, Doug Wood and Matt Battaglia have recently
Last year was a strong year for writer Andrew Clemson, as he managed to release not one, but two issues,
Our latest round up of the best small press comics couldn’t be more diverse. From a lighthearted alien adventure in