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They've taken us to space and back with Apollo, but with their new Our Land web comic, Dead Canary Comics'
Our latest round-up of the best of small press comics features battling wizards, an anarchic afterlife, a feline super assassin
We've been huge fans of Nick Prolix's retro cockney webcomic The Sheep And The Wolves since it was a few
Set in a world where the good guys are ‘capes’ and the bad guys ‘guns’, Jack Foster’s Gun:Slaughterball is one
We first met Aaron Rackley via his wonderful Little Heroes Comics Kit initivaive. Well, after the success of several anthologies
We’re big fans of books set in the afterlife, from the existential like Sandman and Fearscape to the more idiosyncratic
Now funding on Kickstarter, we get an advance look at Curtis Clow's mix of fantasy, magic and animal sidekicks.
Songs for the Dead
We take a look at this new book from Vault Comics, the story of a young Necromancer looking for her
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New thrill-packed issue of ComicScene magazine now available
With the final two issue of Chris Baldie’s epic space adventure Space Captain, now firmly in our hands, it was
We often talk about a comic pushing boundaries, however when it comes to Petrichor, the new book from Gareth A