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Writer Grant Morrison is a divisive figure at the best of times, garnering passionate fandom and fervent derision in equal
The latest book to be launched by digital publishers MoonShot Digital is comic strip Grunts by Jeff Martin. Jeff made his name
This weeks we're going to celebrate the diversity of digital comics with two titles that could not be more different, but
Although not strictly in our remit here at Pipedream Comics, we were very excited this week by arrival of a
When I started Pipedream Comics over a year ago, the first people I interviewed were the very talented Steve Ellis
This week sees the release of INFINITY the first magazine dedicated to digital graphic novels and comics. Produced by publisher
Fresh from his star turn as 'the other bloke' in the Avengers Assemble movie, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is embarking
If you're a fan of video games and web comics then the name Penny Arcade will probably be probably be
This weeks pull list features not one but five comics, all released by new digital imprint MonkeyBrain Comics. An imprint of
The new Madefire comic app from Liam Sharp and Ben Wolstenholme isn't just the cutting edge of digital comics, it's
Back in September we spoke to artist Peter Krause about his iPad artwork as well as his work on the
As interactive books and comics get more and more sophisticated the boundaries between them are getting even closer. One title