Why Comic Books Are Growing in Popularity

Comic books have been around for nearly a century now and in that time they have spawned some of the most loved characters of all time. Superman, Spiderman and Batman are all characters who first found fame in the pages of comic books before they went on to become household names after achieving further success in other areas of entertainment. Like most other industries comic books have gone through peaks and troughs when it comes to popularity.

Marvel and DC Comics are the heavyweights of the comic book industry and they have enjoyed an infinite amount of success due to their characters going on to star in hit TV shows, movies and games. You could say that the success of the likes of Spiderman and Batman in other areas of entertainment has led to a lull in the popularity of comic books, but they seem to once again be making a comeback. Testimony to this growing trend has been the rise of comic book superhero movies being released, TV shows and even online casino brands like Unibet UK like having slot games that have been inspired by these heroes.

There are many reasons why comic books have started to once again become popular with the public and not just die hard comic book fans. First of all, comic books are getting more exposure in the media through TV Shows such as The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular TV Shows on the planet and leading characters Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard are all comic book enthusiasts. This gives comic books exposure and makes them cool once again.

Movies starring comic book characters have been integral in the growing popularity of comic books. When people watch films staring characters such as Iron Man and Superman they start to look beyond the characters and storyline. They want to know more about them and where they originated from and this is where comic books come into play. They give the reader the chance to find out even more about their favourite superheroes, their back story and the adventures that they have been on.

In the past fans had to visit comic books stores or they had to source comic books online in order to be able to read the latest goings on. Now, we live in an era where reading comic books couldn’t be easier. Everyone can visit websites now which allow them to find and read through comic books in just a few clicks of the mouse or with a few touches of a smartphone’s touch screen go onto their favourite app.

There are also forums on the internet, site such as Reddit and social media which have played a pivotal role in the resurgence of comic books. These places allow the general public and comic books fans to come together and talk about characters, adventures and generally discuss their passion for comic books.

If people can access their favourite comic books from wherever they are within just a few seconds and if they can then go on to discuss what they have read it will ultimately see the popularity of comic books continue to grow. The production of more movies, TV shows and games will also be integral too.