Why Black Panther Is The Perfect SuperHero

Black Panther, the latest in a long line of Marvel films to hit the big screen, has been exceptionally well received by almosy everyone who has watched it. It sees T’Challa, who is the King and protector of Wakanda, rise to the throne of the advanced African nation, but he’s challenged by an outsider who holds a grudge after a mistake made by T’Challa’s father. The film itself is great and with most film buffs rating the movie as one of the best ever, it might be best to discover where it all started, in the comic book world.

With it’s huge treasure trove of back issues, Comixology is the perfect places for fans of the Black Panther to start in order to gain a deeper insight into the character and his personality, as they read more about his comic book adventures. From the classic Jack Kirby debut, through to more contemporary offerings. In fact, learning everything there is to know about the character is exactly how it will inevitably be used to inspire popular video games, sequels, mobile apps and even popular casino games, like the ones offered on partyCasino.com.

Black Panther has, in actual fact, already made his debut as an extra in the action RPG game Marvel Ultimate Alliance as well as its sequel. But after the film proved a huge hit, which has resulted in the Black Panther and Wakanda now becoming household names in their own right; there is now a huge demand for everything remotely associated with character.

Everyone will very much appreciate going through Black Panther’s life in his comic books, as it definitely gives more meaning and value to the epic movie. The film itself is not only great, but it does leave fans with the feeling that there is more to come. First of all, Wakanda itself is a place that is technologically advanced and therefore it comes under constant attack. This means that it has to be protected, so there is no doubt that we can expect numerous evil entities looking to conquer and gain all of its riches in the future. 

Wakanda is also a place of beauty and it will really immerse the viewer as the locals look to protect the African nation from those who are trying to destroy it, in order to steal everything that makes the place so good. This helps to bring in a storyline that audiences will immediately commit to, as it is all about the good guys having to battle off evil foes and keep the world safe.

This brings us nicely on to Black Panther, or T’Challa, himself. He’s a superhero fighting for a cause, to protect the nation he is king of and his special abilities making him more intriguing than the more generic protagonist. He’s a proficient scientist, a skilled hunter and tracker, has super strength, speed, agility and durability and also used high tech weaponry and equipment. He’s the ideal lead character for guaranteed success for any story and movie .

It is also a move away from the more traditional superhero being white too, and this has been championed by many who have watched the film already, with everyone expecting massive appeal from a truly global audience.

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